How To Strut Your Stripes

How To Strut Your Stripes

The stripes are always pushing forward! Just think of all the stripes of all scales,⎼ they all communicate youthful energy and modern flare. From the basic horizontal and vertical stripes to the athletic trims and, or, as just a graphic accent. All of it radiates modernity even on the classic favourites that have been revived.  Continue reading “How To Strut Your Stripes”


The 7 Power Pieces Every Working Women Must Own

What are the power pieces every working women must own? The aspects of fashion are pretty basic, but one important thing every working woman should always keep in mind is that the quality of your outfit should speak for itself. The pieces should compliment each other and to your other outfits as well. When I was working in a call center way back 4 or 5 years ago, my work ensembles always include a tailored blazer. Why? Not just because it add up a pinch of sophistication, but also it is putting your fashion sense on the safe side without being entirely boring. Well, that depends on what are the other outfits you match your blazer. Continue reading “The 7 Power Pieces Every Working Women Must Own”

How To Dress Stylish After Giving Birth

How To Dress Stylish After Giving Birth

Congratulations for your newborn baby! Ok, I get it. Although you are very proud of being a mother, you also feel ugly with each time you see yourself in the mirror. You hate that your breasts are sagging, lumpy bluish veins starts appearing on your legs and stretch marks around your stomach flab…Stomach flab! Continue reading “How To Dress Stylish After Giving Birth”

Love And Defiance Of A Fucking Queen

You fall in love and defy the rules of your own happiness, sounds stupid is it? When you have wounds that are still fresh, and you keep them under a thick clothing of your selfless love, principles, and a promise of friendship. Continue reading “Love And Defiance Of A Fucking Queen”

Ancient Turkish Ruins To Epic Tourist Attractions

Historical Dream Vacation Part II: Ancient Turkish Ruins To Epic Tourist Attractions

Continue reading “Historical Dream Vacation Part II: Ancient Turkish Ruins To Epic Tourist Attractions”

The Book That Revived My Imagination

alaskan adventure story
click the picture

Life is seriously fusty as fuck when you think of a grown-up life too grown-up.I am navigating my grown-up life too pressing. A very brief thing I realised, the smell of reality doesn’t give a room for a delightful reminiscence of your childhood. Since writing for other websites, I can hardly endure the four pages of a book. Some stories say too much about reality IN YOUR FACE. Although, fiction stories are fun, most of them nowadays aren’t as gentle as I wish they are. Thanks to this adorable story, it rekindled my imagination and cheered the almost dying colours of my childhood fantasies. Sometimes, we need to take a really hard look in situations to appreciate the best gifts of life, — friendship. Continue reading “The Book That Revived My Imagination”

Ancient Beauty Practices Of Today´s Modern Treatments

Whenever you put something on your face, does it ever make you wonder about the evolution of beauty regimens and other treatments that we use today? Perhaps, just like me you are curious how the beauty industry professionals to this day obtain its success of practicing new ways to correct, improve and maintain the beautiful appearance we all wish. Let’s speed thousands of years back to the ancient times, wherein ancient women were using weird concepts of beauty enhancement, of which the regimen mostly consisted of. Continue reading “Ancient Beauty Practices Of Today´s Modern Treatments”

Glitter Hair Everywhere – Glamourous Or Hideous?

We have seen Madonna, Miley Cyrus and the rest of the spunky gals emerging with multi-coloured armpits and pubes. What’s the new glittery-hairy festive trend this tail end of 2015? Continue reading “Glitter Hair Everywhere – Glamourous Or Hideous?”

The Craziest Ideas People Spend So Much Money On

When we talk about splurging lots of our money it could be anything under the sun, what we find ridiculously unnecessary could be as important as life and death to others. We all have different relationships with spending, what we acquire and own is tightly bound to our personal identity. We overspend on anything to create and support a particular image of ourselves to present to the world. Are we? Continue reading “The Craziest Ideas People Spend So Much Money On”

The 10 Commandments Of Hookup Culture That I Strictly Follow

Continue reading “The 10 Commandments Of Hookup Culture That I Strictly Follow”

When My Love Of Reading Diminished, It Ascended In Writing

Does a person who found love in the art of words but hardly reads a book makes a weak writer? Does it hold the same idea of ¨you can´t be a good leader if you haven´t been a good follower?” Does it somehow deserve the judgement of being slammed shut for creative changes? I often wonder, and close to doubting myself for calling ¨me¨ a writer despite putting aside so many useful reads for years now. Continue reading “When My Love Of Reading Diminished, It Ascended In Writing”

A Hilarious Disguise: What If An 80 Year Old Man Skateboards Like A Pro?

We have witnessed the dramatic changes of skateboarding since its introduction around the 1940´s until it reached its boundless popularity today. If we speed back to thirty years ago, skateboarding was merely considered as a recreational activity. Most parents back then are reluctant to accept it as a sport considering its unreliable design. But now, its advancement and discovered benefits created its culture and is now a widely recognized sport.

A jaw-dropping scene just happened to a group of skateboarding youngsters when the 20-year skateboarding star Danny Léon transformed into an 80-year old grandpa and did what he does best,—flipping manoeuvres in the air. This young man certainly has excellent acting skills, just see how deceived strangers in this prank, who would ever suspect that it was just a dress-up game? Propped with extensive prosthetic makeup and a cane that turned this young man into an oldie who can barely walk.

He strolled around the park along with a few genuine oldies to watch teens perform skateboarding tricks. He got everyone convinced that he is a señor citizen who wants to learn how to balance on a skateboard,— even got assisted by one of the teenage skateboarders. Watch the video as he stuns strangers when he started doing his freestyle stunts, jumping high and speeding up on the sides of a skateboard pool.

I love how those eyes popped out as soon as they saw ¨old danny¨ made his shocking jump!

End Of My Love Story: I Learned To Stop Carrying The Torch


I’m probably not quite lucky when it comes to finding a romantic partner. I’ve had long-term serious relationships with resentful endings. When I was in high school, I was heartbroken, confused and angry because the boy I loved broke up with me without telling the reason. A year later, it was disclosed to me that he died of brain cancer shortly after he left. Three years later I met my college sweetheart. His messed up life led him into making the wrong choices, he cheated on me until he was forced to marry the girl he impregnated. Two years came by, I had a very thoughtful and meaningful relationship with an American guy. Unfortunately, when his career went haywire, it affected his confidence in our relationship. He kept from me his problems. I desperately tried to save our relationship, but my efforts were not enough. And due to our distance, he decided to end our love story.

When I Finally Went Into Pieces

I was single for another two years. Then I met a tall, dark-haired Irish man with hazel eyes. Despite his intimidating demeanor, we clicked right away and became really close friends. We fell in love. In spite of our busy careers, we managed to keep our romantic relationship healthy. It is by far the happiest relationship I’ve had. Five months after our engagement he started acting strangely. His fear and confusion seemed to be splitting off from reality. Until one night, I rushed to his apartment because he called me crying, asking for help. I found him with his eyes swelling, I can see his struggle not to cry. I found empty bottles of antidepressants and doctor’s prescriptions on the table. I suddenly felt tensed and confused. With his both hands clutching his head, he burst down in tears. He looked up at me and said I am diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. I am tough by nature, but his anxious appearance that night feebled me. It wasn’t because I was frightened of him, but it was because I feared to lose him. He told me how much he fears that his brain disorder will only make me suffer if we insist on keeping our relationship. I contacted his sisters who are doctors and they arrived from Ireland the following week. We bid our goodbyes at the airport, he kissed me for the last time and whispered “I love you so much.” Despite his brain disorder, I knew in my heart that his kiss and his last words were genuine. I watched the plane disappear in the clouds, but not a single tear fell from my eyes.

When I No Longer Know What Romance Is

Since then, my frame of mind about romantic relationships changed. The despair of a lost love for the 4th time and the reasons how each ended affected me so much. I became desirous of affection and desperate to flee from all the bad memories. I started looking for distractions with several expats I call my discreet playmates. Even though, I get along pretty well with each of them, I had set the no-commitment rule for myself. I go hitting the bars binge drinking. Sex and more sex on and after the parties and that’s about it. I am unconcerned that I’m just bearing the brunt of my own frustrations. My deep wounds had escalated into a major distrust issue to a point that my heart became extremely guarded.


I won’t deny that I sometimes miss being in a serious relationship, but I don’t feel that I am ready for it yet. Will my heart ever be ready again? Maybe. I am not closing my doors and this transition is a choice that is currently working for me for reasons I find less complicated.

Manila East Lake View Farm: Live The Real Life Farm Ville!


Who doesn’t remember the Facebook farming simulation called Farm Ville? I was once an addict myself of this game and since then I have dreamed of a home where I can wake up in the morning inhaling fresh air. It was a sort of therapy against stress and for sure many can relate to what I mean. Nowadays, we are all held tightly with the need to earn money faster, which is why we stick to the downtown living and work as employees in companies that only operate in the cities. Working in a huge bustling city may provide us the easy access to all the public establishments, but doesn’t really provide that relaxation that we can only get from a green surrounding.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend dragged me to see the Manila East Lake View Farm located in Brgy. San Guillermo, Morong Rizal, just an hour away from Ortigas city. It has well-paved roads with each home, having its own small-scale farm. And yes, I mean homes with leashed goats, honey bee, chickens, ducks, vegetable gardens, fish ponds and even water buffaloes! Little did I know that Manila East Lake View Farm is not a recreational park, but an uptown neighborhood similar to the famous Farm Ville. The idea of farm living in Mega Manila is by far the best concept of residential development I have encountered.

You can choose from 750, 500 and 400 square meters of lawn and use 20% of it for building a house and the rest will be for your mini farm and that’s exactly how it should be. What I love about this place is the overlooking view, you can see a broader image of Rizal. Don’t worry if you don’t have the green thumb, they have everything prepped for a farmer newbie. Provided with caretaker arrangements and an in-house agronomist to help you start and maintain your real life Farm Ville. For a stable water supply from a deep well, a huge water tank with 60,000 gallons capacity can be seen in the area operated by a motor pump below the view deck. A well-built power source is also equipped to put new members to the neighborhood at ease.

Whoops!! Ain’t done yet. Of course, they have more amenities! They have a swimming pool, playground for kiddos, a coffee shop for caffeine lovers, a produce market for your farming needs and a village market where you can buy the organic veggies straight from the neighborhood gardens. There is so much more to love about this housing development and if you are thinking about retiring early but can’t let go of the city life, this is the best option for you. Curious??

Hit the “About the author” and shoot me a message :). If you want to know more reviews? Check Christian Lizardo Aligo´s say : The Manila East Lakeview Farms Challenge: Can Farming Combat Stress?

5 Reasons Why You Should Date A Curvaceous Woman

 Whoops! Touchy Topic,..(I know.) I am only referring to the physical and sensual advantage of dating a curvy lady.



1. You will feel her BUTT and not her PELVIC BONE. 

– As a gentleman, you hate telling your beloved lady “ooo ooff your butt bone is pushing into me again dear”. Ouch! I am sure you enjoy it more pressing those nice firm buns rather than feel a boney derrière.

2. She is literally HUGGABLE and not BREAKABLE.

– I always say this “What if your pillow isn’t warm enough to comfort you? I am a warm pillow who can hug back, I won’t break when you hug me tighter.” Of course! You won’t feel a shoulder-blade against your chin when you lock a voluptuous babe in your arms. And forgive me for saying this, you don’t want to sleep with a woman whose muscles are more rock solid than yours


3. Dresses embrace her figure, not just cover her body.

– I’ll give you an easy clue. “WRAP versus DRAPE.” Think of a cloth hung loosely on a hat hanger, almost straight up and down – this is what magazines and catwalk exhibits. Curves look very feminine. Curvaceous women have ample chest, wider hips and a thicker rear bumper that sure does a trick in your naughty mind. 

4. She is a true description of SHAPE.

– Talk about body mass, “body shape” is synonymous with the “body frame.” But I think we all know that body frame refers to the bone size and skeletal structure. Body shape refers mainly to the distribution of muscles and fat. You do the math.



5. She has curves that highlight rhythmic motions.

-Women in all shapes are seductive when they know how to dance sexy. But women with more meat can give much more emphasis to ” sultry hips articulation.”



“The Samal Sunrise” – One Of Best Mornings To Experience

I don’t intend to appear mawkish but when you get the best moment that you have been pursuing, the moment everything around you finally makes you feel at ease. Right there and then you’re given the chance to ponder and be thankful for experiencing such a peaceful moment. Now, being an adult, I barely have the luck to experience such a wonderful time to cherish, just like this two days vacation, it was pure luck. I have planned it for a year and I almost lost hope of finding a cheap airfare for the calendar dates I wanted. Luckily, I found a really affordable airfare in spite of the busy holidays when every airline has ridiculous rates.

After I ate rice paired with my all time favorite grilled dried fish and fried egg for breakfast, I took a walk on the beach with the good old organic hot cocoa we call “tablea.” It is one of the best mornings I haven’t experienced for a while. I’ve never felt so relaxed and happy for a very, very long time. How I wish I will have more mornings like that if only I don’t need a job enough to sustain my responsibilities. I would be more than happy to exchange the life in the city to the life I used to have. But reality bites hard, after this vacation I’ll be back to the real world but at least I had the best morning that gives me the smiles. I said, “good morning, thank you” to the skies and to the sun warming up my cold cheeks. I also greeted the little creature passing by before me..There are so many beautiful places and chances mother nature and life has in store for us. All we need to do to be always thankful, keep moving forward until we bump into that “greatness” we have been wishing and working hard for.

I used the opportunity to soak my feet and sat on the fragile seagrass while the sun is starting to get bright, I just love the way it shines through the calm and clear sea waters. Even the trees are looking so beautiful

Samal Island has so much to offer for die hard beach lovers, vacationers and those who need a getaway from the stress of the BIG, BUZZLING CITY. You can check my other entry of my two days vacation in Samal Island. I Fell In Love With The Little Hagimit Water Falls. I will post another one soon.

Stuff Must Haves: Amazing Furniture Designs

I was daydreaming. I gave my materialistic side some free time out of its cage and found my fingers tapping my mouse, turning from pages to pages online. If I am a cartoon character you will see stars in my eyes as I fantasize possessing these awesome interiors with modern and weird furniture. These amazing furniture designs is so me!!!!

First off! funkyfurnitureandstuff’s  2-in-1 leather sectional sofa not only has modern and neat design, it also has a coffee table and another multifunctional table with hidden storage. You can choose from different colors or choose from their custom color designs.

pictures are courtesy of 

2-in-1 Design Leather Sectional with Coffee Table

2-in-1 Design Leather Sectional with Coffee Table 1





Lets go a bit animalistic here, (I don’t mean merely childish hysteria,) I mean let’s show our love for animals with these unique wildlife inspired seats. The amazing masterpieces of  Maximo Riera ¨WOW¨ design dropped my jaw. His uncompromising elaborateness can be seen on the details of his work. You can check more about his designs at 

A Hippo Sofa!

max-riera hippo

Whale Chair


A Rhino Chair

max-riera rhino

A Toad Sofa

max-riera toad 1

An Elephant Chair

max-riera elephant

The Walrus Chair


We now go for something intricate and bold. Alessandro Mendini’s collection of truly sophisticated designs that combines both modern and classic elegant styles definitely provides a twist of both eras. I love this collection of NEW BAROQUE PROUST ARM CHAIRS and for sure many of you will do too! See more at 

This white marble colored proust chair reminds me of Alice in wonderland and I don’t know why.

alessandro mendini 00jpg

This dimensional confetti inspired proust chair would surely look great to accent a room with white walls.


My favorite! Sweet and happy orange :).


I love this weird multicolored pattern, a chair like this adds a fun personality in a living room.

alessandro mendini 01

When I see this green chair it makes me think of coastal homes. Like those cliffside houses :).


This navy blue chair suits well in a country-side home like a farm house, classical and conservative

9633  introduces the funky designs of patchwork for your living room, It will never be boring. I wasn’t a fan of patchwork on furniture, but that just changed after I saw squintlimited’s collection.




I love this colorful chaise. I can sleep here comfortably



This totally looks neat to me 🙂


My kind of living room, never goes boring

funky interior

Courtesy of and  these automobile inspired furniture certainly has bragging rights! It all looks sporty, sexy and very artistic.

This is the AC Cobra spirit 427 custom furnishing. a very masculine collection by LA  Design Studio.

AC Cobra Spirit Collection

AC Cobra Spirit Collection1

Sporty with a feminine touch, a glamorous beetle Armchair in 2 colors is stunningly bold. This attention magnet design by Andrea Colombo and Linda Assandri suits the female car lovers.



You don’t need to go outdoors to enjoy a racy moment with your lover when it can be spent indoors in your sports car inspired bed!

ViberPC 9142014 123522 PM.bmp

I want this table!!!!

ViberPC 9142014 123841 PM.bmp

Gaetano Pesce is an Italian architect and designer who has a diverse artistry with amazing retrospectives that made him famous.  His sense of style and expression of modernism showcases the epitome of organic design. 

Find out more about this awesome artist  and

Table Viso
Broadway chairs
Nobody’s perfect Chairs
Up chair
Up reissue Chair
Nobody’s King Chair
Pratt Chair
nobody’s queen chair
Nobody’s Perfect chair- 2002

Hello World! Meet My Favorite Philippine Sweets!


Simplicity at its finest! Most Filipinos are wooed by the western pastries, from muffins, cupcakes, pies to fancy cakes. This time let’s introduce the Philippine sweet cuisine to those who are curious enough to take a peak on some of the Filipino confections that I believe many of the munchies from the west side of the world would surely enjoy. We Filipinos are simple so we also have simple and enticing cuisine.


Photo by:
Photo by:

original Pictures above is what we call Sapin-Sapin, it is made of glutinous rice flour that can be shaped, condensed, layered and be in different colours similar to Mochi of Japan and Tteok of Korea. There’s no wonder why there’s a resemblance, because rice is prevalent in all Asian countries and we Asians share many ethnic cultures, including the cooking methods. All Asian countries has its own excellent glutinous rice and coconut sweet course cuisine. Mochi and Tteok tastes almost the same as Sapin-Sapin, it only differs on the level of stickiness and both comes in fancier shapes and designs than Sapin-sapin. This is one of the must-try delicacies in the Philippines.


Halo Halo special
Photo by :
Photo by:
Photo by:

Who could go wrong with this tropical frozen delight? The pictures above shows the Halo-halo which means in Filipino language “mixed together,” well, you can see the bunch of edible stuff smacked on top of each other in a large glass bowl or a long cocktail glass – for added tropical feel, serve it in a coconut shell! Halo-halo has a crazy concept of mixing whatever sweets from kidney beans, jello, purple yam, jackfruit strips, rice krispies, leche flan, fruits, ice cream, corn cereal flakes and whatever you can think of adding.  All of these are piled atop of or under shaved ice, then poured with evaporated milk.


Photo by:
Photo by :
Photo by:

This Asian version of  custard candy is the easiest to make among all the Filipino desserts I know, this was our school project when I was just 8 years old! Yema maybe simple because it’s just egg yolks and condensed milk, but it never fails to give Filipino kiddos the milky smile of joy :). This gooey candy is so versatile many designs of it were created and it even collaborates well with other pastries. I saw some excellently decorated yemas that look like edible gems!


ChinaPhil-2012-033 (1)
Photo Of Suman Bud-bud by:


Photo by :

   The epitome of the classic Filipino dessert, Suman comes in different types and nowadays many have made many versions of it, some fancy Filipino restaurants serves this with such artistic presentation that you wouldn’t believe a simple Suman could look expensive. They have different flavours, textures and even the way they are wrapped in banana leaves. This tasty treat could be with twirled cocoa chocolate or what we call tablea or purely tablea-based, they can also be in purple yam flavour or the original coconut with a hint of ginger. The texture depends on  the kind of Suman, they can be made with something other than rice like cassava.

Buko Pandan

Photo by:
buko pandan
Photo by :
buko pandan (1)
Photo by :

This definitely gives me the zing that makes my heart “whoosh” with joy! It tastes as yummy as it looks, thank you BOHOL for creating such an icy-licious dessert that completes every Filipino parties. The vibrant green colour that contrasts well with the coconut strips and milky thick juice is because of the screwpine or pandan flavoured gelatin. There are optional additions on buko pandan dessert, for pearl shakes some add rice flakes or cheese bits.

Latik (On Biko or Kalamay)


Photo by:
Photo by:
Photo by:

Kalamay with Latik or Biko with Latik! Anything with Latik gives the rice cake a delicious kick! My 2nd favorite after the leche flan. the pictures may look like just a simple glutinous rice cake but that shiny brown caramel topping that melts on top of the sticky rice is what makes this rice cake a stand out dessert. Latik is a coconut residue that transfigures from oil to syrup when cooked with brown sugar.  This condiment not only has a distinct sweetness it also has an inviting smell, I always beg my mom to cook this for me every time I go visit them back in my hometown 🙂 .

Leche Flan

Photo by:
Photo by :
Photo by:

This delicacy originated in Rome but then became a much more popular recipe shared by Latin America and Spain. I consider this sweet course as the most sinful confection in the Filipino dessert cuisine. The mouthwatering, milky-licious leche flan is tough to resist, its soft and creamy texture and even its simple presentation has that inexplicable appeal. OMG! this succulent Filipino dessert melts in your mouth and will bring out the kid in you 🙂 ( at least that’s what I feel when I eat this.) If you are wondering what separates this flan from the flans of other countries is we don’t add vanilla extract or heavy cream.


Photo by:
Photo by:
Photo by:

 My mother’s all time favorite, the gluey Pichi-pichi!! This sticky grated cassava comes in different shapes and in different colours too. The original recipe uses just the grated coconut meat as a coating but many Filipinos now are adding grated cheese too that gives this classic dessert a twist – just the way I like it! Yum yum!

Ginanggang Maruya

Photo by:
Oven cooked Ginanggang
Photo by:
Photo by:

 The counterpart of banana cue! I personally choose ginanggang over banana cue. The difference of the two skewered cardaba bananas (besides the funny name lol) is the cooking procedure. Banana cue is deep-fried and in the process of frying, brown sugar is added for continuous mixing until the banana is coated with caramelized brown sugar. The last part is skewering the finished product in a bamboo stick  For ginanggang however, the cardaba banana is already skewered before placing it on a charcoal barbecue grill. The cooking method is barbecuing the unripe cardaba banana until the outer surface is lightly singed. When it’s cooked brush it with margarine and sprinkle it with white sugar before serving it. While Banana cue is popular in Luzon region, Ginanggang is popular in Visayan and Mindanao regions, I grew up eating this local snack back in my home town Davao City, and will remain one of the best snacks you should try 🙂 .

Ice Candy

Photo by:
Photo by:
Photo by:

Ice candy! The idea of the existence of this ice cream substitute is satisfying the cravings for a frozen dessert without causing tears to your wallet. Ice creams aren’t cheap and not all people especially those with very limited budget would want to spend 150 philippine for a sherbet. Ice candies are easy to make and very affordable, all you need to prepare is a can of condensed milk, any type of fruits or even just the milk alone or the local chocolate TABLEA, coconut juice and sugar. Some would improvise it by using other dairy products such as all purpose cream and yogurt.

Ube Halaya

Photo by:
Photo by:
Photo by:

Oh yeah!Ube halaya! Who would think an ugly root crop could become a source of a toothsome treat? One or 3 spoons of this isn’t enough to satisfy your taste buds when you try this awesome purple goody. The best part is, it’s easy to make. All you need are boiled and mashed ube, condensed milk, butter, evaporated milk, vanilla extract and sugar. A good blend of these ingredients under low-heat results this delectable Filipino sweetness!

Brazo De Mercedes

Photo by:
Photo by:
Photo by:

If Spain have Brazo De Gitano, Philippines have Brazo De Mercedes, I find it strange why a swiss roll is named in Spanish when it’s not even originated in either countries. Anyway, Swiss roll is a sponge cake while brazo de mercedes is a meringue made out of egg whites baked, laid flat topped with custard filling then rolled. Just look at that fluffy white stuff with that thick chewy custard filling and you can already imagine how delicious it is!

 All these great images are not my own, so feel free to visit the websites that are indicated on each picture, they have the recipes of these delicacies. 🙂

Memories Of WWII: My Isla Corregidor Experience

The cultural tour is deserving of the amount we spent. My Isla Corregidor experience signified a bonding time for me, my mom, and my best friends. I have loads of photos that can sum up my experience in Corregidor, and I hate to tire my readers with my tendencies of platitude, which can fill another entire page. I’ll get down with the highlights, I have never seen canyons, in enormous sizes scattered on the sides of the roads unmoved and partly buried as if they are just ordinary giant pieces of steel. But I have to say this. Although it seems mawkish, it makes the entire historical vibe authentic, and that deserves reverence.

Our ferry sailed for over an hour and 45 minutes from the seaside terminal to Corregidor island’s bay. We were welcomed by several Trams (that don’t run on tracks) with the other sightseers who were mostly Japanese and Americans with a few Koreans, and Europeans. Separating the tourists in batches, each Tram is numbered. We joined a group of friendly Americans on Tram number five. Half of the day we spent visiting the ruins of the remaining establishments in the area before we proceeded to the hotel for our lunch. Although I’m impressed how everybody was able to endure the temperature that day, the dehydration starved me. I cared less while pigging out on lunch eating two full bowls of baked spuds, five fish fillets, and a huge bowl of watermelons. The food was delicious, and it was also enjoyable watching foreigners eating local food especially rice because I don’t get to see that every day.

Perhaps, Corregidor was the most imperative coastal artillery in the Philippines back then because the moment I laid my eyes on the island, my subconsciousness seemed to have engulfed back in the time when the American forces gained control over the country’s arm forces, it was an island entirely for the military. During the deadly years of World War II, this volcanic caldera which formerly served as a harbor defense of the country. Against any intruders prowling stealthily in the southwestern seas of Luzon, Corregidor was notorious. I must say, it was of a good fluke that we were led by the best tour guide in Corregidor. Armando’s love and knowledge of the war dazzled me. From the old photos of children impaled in bayonets and the huge empty cartridges he carries with him from decades old large firearms. It was entertaining how he delivers jokes in between his narrative of the island’s ruling period before it declined upon the arrival of the Japanese military.

It was a little scary when the tram started sloping up and down the skyward roads, my thoughts were fidgeting with the wheels, our weight, and the freaking gravity! We passed through random tunnels which were a great distraction and some ruins of small buildings that are still standing proud. They are almost unnoticed because of how small they look now. There was even another one we saw on an islet, right across the island. The Malinta tunnel is an uncanny element of the island. You can feel right away the somewhat disturbing vibe as soon as you go in. I’m certain it isn’t for a fact that a tunnel is hollow because I’m not claustrophobic. Perhaps, the experience might actually have been seriously eerie if only the tourist guides and caretakers were not there. Nevertheless, it’s likely due of the tunnel’s horrid residual memory, moreover, heightened by the creepy side tunnels. The part that is most striking for me is the long stretch of lawn occupied by the ruins of a once a central infirmary.

Corregidor's Rise And Fall
Corregidor’s Rise And Fall

Special thanks to the office of Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone (TIEZA), and for Sir Mark Lapid for making it possible for us to experience the tour.

spas that taste like sex

Spas That Taste Like Sex Around The World

The title “Spas That Taste Like Sex” might be pressing your brain buttons now as you scroll down. No, it is not a metaphor or a fancy sentence for a title. Through the years, we have seen lots of concepts ranging from unique, strange, weird to out-of-this-world spas. And honey, it ain´t stoppin’ there. Continue reading “Spas That Taste Like Sex Around The World”