Hey! It’s Luk Yuen’s Bento!

My friend and I went to SM Megamall today, just to buy our necessities but after 4 hours of touring around the Mall our stomachs begin to growl. And seriously, it was embarrassing to be in the middle of the crowd with our tummies gurgling for food. So, anyway, we went to Shakeys because we are familiar of their menu and we craved for pizza, unfortunately the place was crowded and we don’t have the patience to wait anymore for a vacant table. Next to Shakeys is the Luk Yen Chinese restaurant, I am not a fan of chinese food but we felt like our intestines are about to deflate. We thought, the place looks neat and comfortable why not try it? So, we hopped inside.

menu-congee-chinesebento (1)

This is a sample of their menu, it actually looks neat because of the white and chinese bamboo tree design, I also like the symbols before the dish names which tells you if it has the iced-tea included or not. My friend and I tried the Chinese bento simply because the picture looks so inviting, the food nicely arranged in a square shape container. Plus, it has the iced-tea included in the price of 280 pesos. I chose the B3 (Fish Fillet in Sweet & Sour Sauce,) and my friend chose the B1 (boneless chicken in lemon sauce.)  The waiter noted down our orders and immediately informed us that it will take 10-15 minutes for our orders to be served, we just said “ok,” anyway, we are comfortably seated. The waiter was very quick to serve us 2 glasses of water, a complimentary green-tea in a tea pot and crispy chips that tastes like thin crackers in a small platter which we emptied in seconds! (At least we had something to fill-in our stomachs while waiting. THUMBS UP!)

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA A sample look of the Chinese Bento.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA I enjoyed the fish fillet, it was cooked well. Soft and easy to bite . The fried rice is also good, not too oily and the saltiness was just right. The quail egg siomai has an “OK” flavor, it isn’t as moist as other good siomais I have tried but I like the idea of a quail egg inside a siomai. And Oh! I don’t have the picture, but the stuffed eggplant tastes amazing!  The sauce is soooooo good. THUMBS UP for that! The B1 has the chicken but I haven’t tried it yet.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA Even though the fish fillet impressed my taste buds and the quail egg siomai was OK, I am disappointed with the E-fu vegetable noodles. The color of the noodles is as boring as it tastes. It looks a bit soggy, it tastes overcooked and it just lacked flavor.  It does not have that garlicky with soy sauce and vegetable broth flavor.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA What I really find cute is the dessert they named “Snowballs,” it is made of  sticky rice or glutinous rice coated with chopped coconut and it has purple yam filling! The sweetness is moderate and it is gooey! See the other picture below. 


Overall, I give the B1/B3 chinese bento an average score of 7, I still haven’t tried their other menus and I am excited to try their congee and wanton noodles! Sorry about the quality of the pictures Lol. Next time I’ll use a better camera :). Enjoy Foodies!


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