The warm ghost in the cinema. Try your best to die happy


About 10 years ago, I was an intern at a local indie film production that gives you the opportunity to travel locally, meet different people and party! I enjoyed the exposure of being part of the movie industry even though it has been just a small time thing. Nonetheless, it was unexpected that I would plunge myself into an eerie joke as well. Each time I think back about that experience it fascinates me, yet it throws me into the antsy feeling. I mean, come across something paranormal is a real suspense! The discomfort gets to a point of giving you the poopy feeling.

The Mall’s cinema is just behind the morgue of an old Hospital, and I knew that ghosts are territorial, so it didn’t cross my mind that spirits from the hospital could possibly get across the high concrete walls of the mall. At 2:00 am. The mall was almost empty with only few lights switched on from each corner of the ceiling and only a few security guards roaming around. 4 of our students and the movie production staff were setting up one of the movie theaters for the launching of an indie short film . We were preparing the cameras, back lighting, decorations and freebies for tomorrow’s big day.

We finished arranging everything at 3:00 pm, everybody was tired including me. All of them went home, I decided to stay for a bit and take a quick nap inside the movie theater. (They permitted me because they need someone to look after some of our stuff anyway.) I sat in one of the folded seats at the very front; near the huge movie screen. As I stretched my legs, I suddenly felt a weird hot sensation from my feet up to my hips. It has been just warmer than warm but not really hot. It was difficult to follow because the air conditioners were ON and my upper body felt cool. The dry heat sensation seems to be just where I am sitting! What I knew is when there’s an unseen presence in a certain place you should feel a rather chilly sensation. What happened was the opposite.

It did not scare me right away. However, after 10 minutes I had felt a sudden urge to run – but I’m stuck in the seat like half of my body is paralyzed. My heart was pounding but I managed to stay calm (I didn’t dare to move much.) What’s really odd is the eucalyptus scent that lasted as long as I was in there and yes the warm feeling never went gone. I gotta say, the scent made me sleepy. When I turned to my left, a man in grey V-neck shirt, denim shorts was sitting next to me holding a bag of dried mangoes, his laughter is overwhelming while looking at the movie screen. He was surely having fun . I didn’t see a movie playing at all though. It was strange that he did never look at me, as if I am invisible. As I was observing him, my eyes caught this folded wheelchair tucked underneath the seat. I honestly don’t remember if he does have legs, but I know that he is crippled. I woke up at 5:00 pm and yes the mall was still pretty much busy despite the deafening silence in the movie theater. It was just a silly dream after all!

The big day was ON! tickets were sold out for the short film. While the movie is playing I was standing at the corner in the balcony area, just watching the people enjoying the movie. A familiar smell caught my attention, I followed it and again the eucalyptus scent seems to be coming from where I sat and slept a day before the event. My heartbeat was getting faster as I was headed near that row of seats and yes I saw him again, wearing same shirt, holding the same bag of dried mangoes, enjoying the movie. I don’t know if he knew I was watching him because I was just standing farther behind him. I wonder who’s that crippled man, I don’t know if he is one of those who died in the neighboring hospital or if he died on that same seat. it’s weird no one sits on that seat. All I know, he’s a happy movie goer. Just turns out to be a spirit.

I never dared to tell the production staff about this experience nor my classmates. And that awe is no longer a scary stuff for me but rather an awesome experience.

How about you? Do you have something to share? I’d love to know..


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