Thoughts of a Corporate Robot









When you are a new jack in the corporate world, all you wish is to score high. Of course we should put an excellent label for our coat and ties, because we are the products we present and we execute the features of what we promote. Apparently, the corporate world in reality is a one fancy parlay of human engines. The strong ones remain due to their smart ways of keeping their gears oiled well. And they are very aware on how friction occurs in the corporate circle.

 I remember working as a Telemarketer, beforehand I have prepared myself for the hard changes about to turn up on my face. But not for long, I got more than I anticipated. Not in the sense of getting ahead of failure, but it was about being under the wing of a contemptible boss. Everyday I get to feel like ” Tomorrow’s the day for the hangman’s collar.” Call it illogical but this was emanated by the remarks I seem to get are ought to be equivocal than imprecise, and the experience after were beyond what my well-being can take. 

 Excessive praise is even worse when it is unwanted praise, or what specialists refer to as dissonant encomium. Sadly these people exist and are good in delivering a well-dressed speech with context to denigrate someone’s character. In my own words they are so-called “thick-faced scoundrels.” One day their ways will crush their own teeth, and this is the saddest scene to see happen. I could have stayed to fight for a position in the office but I realized, it isn’t worth fighting for because it isn’t what makes me happy. 

 I was once a corporate robot, who does things that I could keep doing but I couldn’t love at all. Now, realizing how my thoughts pave the way for my ideas and  the capability to express them. I am happy to feel happier! Of course, there’s nothing wrong about climbing up the corporate ladder and competing to get that spot or title that you desire. We all have the controls to navigate our lives, some are really doing as great as their suits. But me? I’d rather be someone who can invest my mind and my heart in what we call “free-will.” Much better than to be someone else’s robot.  


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