Serious Interracial Dating Concerns We Probably Laugh About


What really made me write about interracial dating is not really because it’s the trend nowadays, but it’s because surprisingly, there are still few girls I know who considers dating a foreigner like a job interview. These questions; “How would you adjust to their actions?” or “What if I can’t relate to their choice of conversation?” or this common sign of apprehension “What if they get turned off by something I say or do unintentionally?” At some point in spite of these questions being a sort of funny for me, it is an understandable concern. I have been there. Feeling uneasy, perhaps worried about how it will turn out when you make a not so timely start which is literally discomforting. The only difference is I dared to find out regardless if I end up being embarrassed or worse — rejected.



Ok, you are dating a hot stranger and who knows if he’s a psycho killer who left his country to build his hidey-hole in your country. Well, it’s a reality that creepers, foreign-born or not are cluttered everywhere to find a good spot for their bug-holes. Which is why it is VERY important that you practice how to heed your hunches? Otherwise, you may not know if you are already dating “Jack the ripper.” I don’t intend to scare anyone in this statement, but there are ways  to lessen that concern. These might help.



1. This is pretty basic. Don’t doubt your instincts, If something does not feel right then just don’t do it! I know many of us loves the thrill of mystery, but too strange is just too strange.


2. Be attentive and observant, but don’t exaggerate. If he is spontaneous and he does tell you where he is currently staying and what is he doing in your country without feeling interrogated then it’s cool.

3. Whenever you meet him by yourself, meet him in a public place. If you think it may lead to turning off the light scene, be sure it’s in a familiar place. At least easy to run or scream for help.

4. Be yourself. Don’t put your guards down and set the right expectations. You have the right to speak your mind as long as you’re not being impulsive and offensive. There’s nothing wrong about trying to impress your date, but it is best to just allow him to take time to see your best qualities.

5. Do not keep your dates to your closest friends or family members, at least give them an idea who you are dating. If possible build rapport with those you think recognizes him, like the waiter of his favorite sports bar. In any situation that can help for information etc.



This may be a sarcastic answer, but there’s no such thing as    “protocol” for dating a foreign dude, it only has the basics of the normal dating we know. Cultural differences, — yes, it matters to KNOW about, but that’s the great subject when you are dating someone out of your race. Instead of driving yourself crazy trying to compress history and culture about his country just for the sake of not being despised as gullible. Being less knowledgeable about it can actually be your best approach to interact or converse with this prospect, at least you have a start-up topic to talk about. For wide readers; It’s a PLUS to relate to your date at least halfway, but again — it’s not a necessity. Being not acquainted about → acquainted with the other end of this planet doesn’t mean you’re being left behind the past and current events of the world. An exchange of ideas involving your differences has been just like putting base colors on a painting project. Think of it as a good start and not a restraining beginning. Enjoy meeting people from the other parts of the world and collecting great memories with them is a personal achievement alone.


5 thoughts on “Serious Interracial Dating Concerns We Probably Laugh About

  1. Good article!!

    First off, just thinking of writing about it, in and of itself is kinda refreshing!! 🙂

    Secondly, I guess many would’ve had the serial killer angle in mind when meeting up with people of other races, especially whites, thanks to cheesy B grade movies.. lol

    Liked by 1 person

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