A Poem Remembering His Smile And His Death


The Value Of Goodbye

It was pain when my love said ” goodbye “
What a tearful memory it has been!
My heart tormented poorly as he walked farther
A scenario never worth remembering..

How I feared that what we had shared would die
Whence, my almost apathetic heart bleeds
entrusting our fate with only come what may
our enamoured years ended in a subtle goodbye

Today, as I reminisce
Was this all by fate?
Or was it just a random circumstance..
My own censure deprived my only joy
Whencesoever, it is all I know

Yet, as the Hillcrest welcomes the sun
I soon felt the reason that withhold this fervour
A certain touch of which I cannot define
It is telling me , ” you will see him again.”

To depart is to veer
To repent is after a thoughtless act
To regret is learning how to value

even the means of ” goodbye “


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