Filipino Beach Bonfire Party: What I Miss From The Good Old Days 1

While chatting with my college dudes and dudettes on Facebook, we talked about our individual changes and I’m laughing my ass off reminiscing about how crazy it was during my college years. The verge of growing up and the beginning of having much more freedom to get drunk with friends, even whilst doing a project.  Most people they claim that the High School was their best growing up stage, which I don’t disagree because even my parents say the same. But in my experience, Yes, it was fun, but parents are more uptight during High school, the experiences of transitioning from being a kid to the adolescent  stage is still childlike.  Unlike college, you are advancing from being a teen to a young adult.

There are five “bests” I miss during my college beach party sessions.

IMG_9686.JPGKinutil – This is a local version of a mudslide cocktail, instead of using Irish cream or coffee liqueur we use “TUBA” or “Coconut Wine,” also called “Coconut Toddy.” Just boil 1-2 blocks of TABLEA (cacao blocks,) while its boiling pour in the coconut toddy, condensed milk and one fresh egg yolk.   Just stir it under low heat incorporating the flavors. Keep stirring until the Tuba thickens and starts to produce that boozy chocolatey smell. Don’t cook it like a soup and be careful with the portion of condensed milk, so that you can adjust to the level of sweetness. Set it aside and let it cool for at least 10 minutes. Let it chill in the fridge for a few hours, then you are ready for a drink around the bonfire baby!

Gensan_tuna chicharonCrispy Tuna Skin – My Irish friends were at first unsure to try this when they first visited Samal Island, but as soon as they grabbed a bite , heard the crunching sound of crispness, they just wanted more!  This is a great pair with Kinutil, it’s made of tuna skin marinated in vinaigrette, onion, garlic, pepper and a pinch of salt before tossing it in a fry pan. Delicious, low-cost and guilt free!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGrilled Tuna Jaws – You are on the beach, chilling and enjoying a booze and want to experience that tropical party around a bonfire, next to the shore. Trust me, if you haven’t tried this, it’s  the best match for any alcoholic drinks. Now, you might be curious what’s with the Tuna jaws that makes it so special. A big Tuna jaw is packed with collagen infused meat that when it’s cooked it becomes so succulent— not oily.  Before you grill this yumo giant fish jaw, you have to marinate this overnight  in soy sauce, calamansi (calamondin citrus.) salt and pepper, chopped onions and garlic.

1381458928RuouKULAFU350mlThe Vino Kulafu I would be very sad if there are only few Filipinos who does remember this authentic Filipino alcoholic drink during their childhood. Because when I was a kid I see this everywhere, specially during big celebrations like Fiestas quaffed by the oldies. The first time I tried this, it was soo strong it felt like burning my ears! But it tastes good. Vino Kulafu is made from 14 authentic traditional botanical herbs combined through a special distillation process to attain a well-blended herbal aroma. So, it isn’t as deadly as most alcoholic drinks that can destroy your liver.

law-uy closeup

Sinabwan Law-uy – Alright drinking buddies!  Nobody wants to roll over on someone’s vomit right? Not even your own vomit. We hate throwing up, but once we reach the toxic level of alcohol chances are we need to expel it. I hate that feeling because my gut feels like being drilled. One of the best comfort food most Visayan mommas prepare to prevent someone from puking like there’s no tomorrow,  is this vegetable soup named Law-uy. This epitome of home cooking is full of nutrients extracted from Malunggay ( Moringa oleifera,) squash, spinach, ladies’ fingers or OKRAS and egg plants. This soup can alleviate nausea, replenish the vitamins you need and reduce the hung over. My mom prepares this when me, my father, my cousins and friends are drunk. Lol. I miss my mom! Saves time from cleaning a smelly mess from someone’s gut.

This is how real Filipinos enjoy beach bonfire party. You might want to try it  🙂 . Old school fun.


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