Talents Don’t Die

Hour Glass Wallpapers 3

This quote truly speaks for me, the moment I am sandwiched in between doing what I need, but I don’t love and accomplishing what I love but can’t pay my bills yet. In addition to the challenge, the sand continues to trickle. I am aware that making abrupt decisions could get me slipping into the mud. But as my father used to tell me I tend to rush in where angels fear to tread. My impulsiveness often works in my favor, and I write whatever pops into my head. My heart has always loved to write and draw since I was 5 years old. Unfortunately, due to our family’s financial problems, my parents can’t afford to get me to college. During those struggles, the options were limited. No school has available scholarship for journalism or fine arts. My fear for my future pushed me to take whatever college opportunity I can get, even if it isn’t a degree. I ended taking up a course unrelated to my passion.


Being a breadwinner supporting my parents has been my priority. When father was diagnosed with diabetes and was bedridden for more than a year, my mother was forced to stop her job to take care of him. I tried to accomplish my dream by working while studying Digital Animation and article writing. I was as frugal as I can be, limiting myself to just the necessities. I remember every day after my shift, I rush to school and often arriving late. It came to a point that the expenses became unmanageable and forced me to quit my studies.  My father’s illness had gotten worse and of course I love my father, I can’t give up his life even though he was already giving up. Since then I have turned my back from both writing and drawing because I lost hope of catching up. Instead, I just focused on working and supporting my parents. I did it and I don’t regret it.


6 years later, I met a Canadian guy who resurrected my love for the arts and literature, his name is Rhett Peterson, he is an amazing
writer and a goal-oriented person, he told me talents don’t die and no one can kill it. I started drawing again little by little, treading lightly to what I had once left. He likes how I execute my artistic skills, he asked me to draw the characters of his novel. I was hesitant because I don’t trust my skills anymore, but when he said ” I do believe that you can do it.” That just echoed in my head.  I realized, hey, I can start over again. Then, I met a girl whom I have told about my writing background and she convinced me to dig out my long-buried skills to start blogging. It is never too late to be what I might have been. 😛 I just need to trust myself and be more patient..

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