Not All Girls Appreciate A Bouquet Of Flowers


whoops! Stop right there..I don’t hate flowers and this is not a reversal of my psyche out of bitterness either. I have 3 reasons why I don’t appreciate receiving bouquet of flowers.


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1. ” They are dead from the moment they are picked so one or two days they are in my trash bin.” 

Sure, many girls undoubtedly love receiving flowers, especially when it is neatly decorated in a nice satin cloth with ribbons and floral wires, etc. They can cost $20 to even $100, for me that is expensive for something just to smell and stare at. I’d rather receive seeds of vegetables or flowers planted in a pot, I can water it and put it under the sunlight every day so it can last longer. Seeing it growing lovely everyday has a sweeter and more meaningful value than just letting it die in a vase with water around it.

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2. ” Handle it with care, I can’t cuddle the flowers.”


How long does it take to tie around the ribbons and wire the flowers altogether? Prior to that, there are construction principles in putting them together nicely, maybe shortest is 5 mins? It would be a bad idea to ruin it. A nice cuddly teddy bear wearing a T-shirt with YOUR NAME embroidered is much more sweeter. At least if I miss you I can just hug the Teddy bear tightly and imagine I’m cuddling you.

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3. “I’m not a fan of  FLOWER  SALAD .”  — Again, just my stupid sarcasm.

Let’s just buy a couple of beers, maybe a bottle of wine, order for a bucket meal or pizza! I eat salads too of course. Then watch the stars at night sitting and relaxing in your veranda, garden, porch, balcony or the rooftop :).

Flowers are pretty and they are lovelier in the garden where they can last longer just like the love we all wish.. Long lasting. Or maybe I am just simply unique.. in a strange manner. 🙂


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