My 5 Idiot Ideas I Want To Do


5. Eat The World’s Hottest Pizza  By  Little Italy Pizza Company – in Sleaford United Kingdom.

Let the fiery chillies burn the tongue and make the inner ears itch!
Details about the The Little Pizza Company:
Address: 3-4 Mill Court, Sleaford NG34 7TW, United Kingdom
Phone:+44 1529 300009
Hours: Open today · 5:30 – 10:00 pm

4.  Spend A night and make love with my man inside The Chillingham Castle – One of the World’s Most Haunted Places.

Hmm..??? We will find out which is stronger, “the terrifying ghosts or the sexual urge?”

Here are some Links about the castle for more details.

3.  Drink Cobra’s Blood In Bangkok Thailand.

If this will make me last longer in the intimate action as these blokes say. Why not?
Would You dare?  —


2.  Jumping In Ice Water From Sauna!

Ahhh Winter Swimming! GOOD LUCK if my nipples can survive it..



1.   Play With A BEAR!!! .

And maybe teach the bear to brush it’s teeth before I start snuggling..

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