The Memory Of Her Humming In The Balcony

I grew up living in an old house facing the shoreline that stood since 1902, my dad bought it from an old couple back in 1990 and we totally loved it. My father is a beach person, and he runs a business of bangkas or much known in English language as outrigger canoes. Taking the tourists from mainland Davao to Samal island. It was a beach house with 3 bedrooms and a wide living room. The furnitures were all antiquated, matching  interior. From the outside you can see how well-arranged the rocks were, half-buried in the soil. The house itself built using  Narra Wood with a bamboo balcony, the way it stands high to the ground looks really nice. The rustic reddish-brown exterior is a total contrasts to the white sand and green sea.
The house’s presence started to feel eerie 3 months after we moved in, strangely me and my parents were the last people to perceive it because we weren’t often there. My mom’s youngest brother, who was living with us with his wife and 2 kids was starting to hear a girl humming often sometime from 3:00pm onwards and only stops when the church bell rings from a nearby church at 6pm.  When my parents decided to stay for a few months in General Santos City, my uncle watched over our house while we were away. At midnight, they hear a distinctive sound of people talking and glasses clinking, but when he goes out to check the dining area, there’s nothing in there. The following day they were greeted by glasses scattered on the table. Some of it has leftover wine, all have residues and marks like someone drank from it.  My uncle checked our wine rack, all the bottles were untouched. My parents never bothered to check the history of the house but many of our neighbors professed that it has frightening secrets.
Among all the people, the burglars who stole our antiques confessed that there are other dwellers in our home. Of course at first, my father was furious and took it as an insult. But when the burglars returned the antiques which are very expensive, that pushed my dad to listen.One of the burglars admitted that after they have collected all the antiques they wanted they climbed down from the balcony as it was the easiest exit. Someone grabbed his ankle causing him to off-balance and fall, he is so sure it was a hand that held his ankle. It didn’t take too long for them to be haunted by a girl in a red skirt drowning them in their dreams. One of them even claimed that he was so threatened because the girl was clutching his newborn baby outside his window.  And has the look that she will drop the baby.
We finally spent more time in our home that gave us the chance to prove the speculations about the unknown ghosts including the girl in red skirt. All of us heard glasses clinking and people talking distinctively like there was a gathering at midnight. And the girl humming at 3:00 pm. My sister use to see her sweeping her eyes over the shoreline and sometimes she would stand at the beach. There were claims from some neighbors about the drunk teenage girls from the squatters area who passed by at night from a drinking spree and dumped on the sand within our property . The ghost of the girl in the red skirt suddenly appeared behind them, out of shock and fear they ran off without pulling up their underwear. According to my father the ghosts in our house was harmless and I do agree because I don’t remember anything harmful that she caused us, she was protecting our home. Until now we don’t know her identity, she could be the daughter of the old couple or a previous owner of the house. Unfortunately, the beach home is now 50 feet below the sea, the ocean claimed a huge part of the land swallowing many houses due to a typhoon in 1998.


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