When The Pressure Burns Your Patience

Like what medical specialists say, rehabilitation is an essential and an integral part of burn treatment with specific processes to follow. How about if it’s your tolerance withered? When the pressure burns your patience, do you only deal with it after the results? In the perspective of Neuropsychology treating “life” in general requires a multidisciplinary approach. Oh geez! I can’t believe I’m using the word “multidisciplinary!” We all go through a lot of hoops, and apparently it involves the choice of either a small reward in the short-term or a more valuable reward in the long-term. Like burns, stress leads to something permanently unpleasant when left untreated. This is one decision-making problem I’m still challenged to overcome. How I wish I have the patience of a saint,—I don’t.


Smile! This entry isn’t meant to press the negative buttons.

I work in the world of customer service, so, if you have a multidisciplinary nature,—you are special! Thank you for my mind-wearying job, it gave me an idea what to write next lol. I was working to fix a customer’s complaint, which had eaten lots of my time, and the pressure started to heat up. It wasn’t his ranting that almost consumed my patience, it was the options limited to my authority. I could ditch the obstacle and let someone else deal with it but my human senses sustained my endurance. Bottom Line is each of us slides through a pattern of accomplishments and failures. When we know what we really want, and eager enough to get it, it will push us to our limits. When we overcome the pressure we are developing ourselves, in which affects other people positively. I may not possess the patience of a saint, at least, my sincerity towards my job title overpowered my impatience. What a day!


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