Sexy Chefs: Culinary Scene’s Yummilicious Bachelors

Sexy Chefs: Culinary Scene’s Yummilicious Bachelors

donal skehanDonal Skehan

This 28-year-old Irish celebrity chef is one of my ultimate crushes. A pretty boy who have more than just an angelic face and great singing vocals. He is also a Kitchen Hero! After the boy band Streetwize split, Donal’s fame is far from over, he had proven that it isn’t just music that keeps his heart pumpin’! Food is also his euphoric sense of freedom, and he is now a well-known television personality, photographer and food author in both UK and Ireland.

He’s The Author of: Good Mood Food: Simple, Healthy, Home Cooking, HomeCooked  and  Kitchen Hero.

Check his Official Food Website!

How I wish I can find an Irish man who would wake me up in the morning to eat him… Oh! Uh… Uhm!..I… mean his breakfast goes big! I mean this food below, he named it “breakfast goes big.”


rocco-di-spirito-interviewRocco DiSpirito:

Who doesn’t recognise the intimidating looks of this American hunk Rocco DiSpirito? This guy is now 47 years old but he is just sizzling hot! Feisty enough, he made a lady moan in uncontrollable ecstasy as she ate the dish he made in a restaurant in Gramercy Park, Manhattan 16 years ago. Rocco’s career started as a cook book author to a fabulous celebrity chef. He starred in the NBC reality television show The Restaurant, he made appearances in TOP CHEF: Chicago as a guest judge, and also starred Rocco’s Dinner Party. More than just the skill, his hot looks also awarded him as “The sexiest chef alive!” by People Magazine in 2012 and was awarded as “The Most Exciting Young Chef ” by Gourmet Magazine in 2002.

And of course! He cares about healthy eating! That’s why he published “The Pound a Day Diet: Lose Up to 5 Pounds in 5 Days by Eating the Foods You Love.”

I think I’d rather have him as my exercising machine lol.  🙂


Sam Talbot

This 36-year-old Sicilian-American hottie is the 3rd placer on TOP CHEF season 2. And no wonder why he is getting lavish attention! This bad boy does not only make tasty food, but he, himself is as lip-smacking as his healthy recipes. He was featured by People magazine as one of the “Sexiest man alive” in 2012. He’s got more than just the red-hot looks to feed your naughty mind. Sam has diabetes 1, so, as a professional chef and a philanthropist, he wants to help people by his truly inspiring and much-anticipated cookbook titled “The Sweet Life: Diabetes Without Boundaries.” Packed with his self-made recipes that helps to keep the blood sugar in balance, this is highly beneficial in maintaining a lifestyle of good eating without the guilt.

Check out his website: and his Facebook  page

Yes! Oh Yes! Let’s demonstrate my description of “the sweet life” shall we?



johnny 2Johnny Iuzzini

Ohh my sweet fluffy muffin! Here’s another sexually delicious bad boy whose as stimulating as his luscious pastries. I know that Pastry and motorcycle don’t seem to, but I don’t fuckin’ care. There’s no question why this 40-year-old man is on the list of the hottest celebrity chefs, he has the perfect blend of sweet and sexy! I remember him well as the  head judge of the American reality competition show TOP CHEF: Just Desserts . his most distinguished recognition and awards includes “Best Pastry Chef” by New York Magazine in   “10 Most Influential Chefs in America” from in 2007, as one of the “Tastemaking Chefs.”

He is the author of Dessert FourPlay: Sweet Quartets from a Four-Star Pastry Chef. and  Sugar Rush: Master Tips, Techniques, and Recipes for Sweet Baking.

Check out his website: and his Facebook page

Hmmmm… I think we can make use of those sweet candies for a fun game 🙂


Vikas Khanna

This Indian gentleman’s killer smile is deadly enough for him to earn the title as the “People’s Sexiest Man Alive” in 2006 by people magazine. Also awarded as “Hottest Chef in New York” by

More than just a restaurateur, food author and professional chef, Khanna represents not only the savoury Indian flavors but his Kama Sutra looks also represents the exotic charm of Indian men. He runs the South Asian Kid’s Infinite Vision foundation. His active participation in charitable institutions adds more to his charm. This 42 year old guy sure does look lickable 🙂 ♥♥.  Mr. Khanna Sutra is like the Indian version of Mr. Christian Grey.

Vikas Khanna’s much anticipated book:

Khanna Sutra: Food Lessons in Love

Savour Mumbai: A Culinary Journey Through India’s Melting Pot, Return to the Rivers

Check out more:






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