Frugality is a Necessity but Not A Compromise

Walking around the grocery store tweaking my mind over my budget and worrying about my weight I plan for a solution. Indeed true that when you want to get rid of the extra cushion surrounding your abdominal muscles and at the same time trying to budget the last money in your wallet, you will surely challenge your creative mind to make recipes that is healthy and pocket friendly

It’s a common situation that we get pretty broke a week before the next paycheck and during those days, we probably have thought of anything possible to budget what we have left. Smart cooking plays a good role to remedy this sickening situation. There are many ways to prevent overspending for food without depriving the daily food intake needed by our bodies. Reinventing recipes saves money with just the patience to look for alternatives.

One of the smart and healthy recipes is the Korean Steamed Eggs, I just omit the Korean salted shrimp and replace it with Moringa leaves and toasted garlic bits. A guilt free recipe recommended to ease you from a terrible hangover.

Moringa Leaves: 11 cents (per bundle)

Eggs: 45 cents (4 large eggs.)

Leeks: 11 cents

Eating pork meat with layers of fat underneath the skin is forbidden for a weight conscious person. But hey! Vinegar and cayenne pepper has the capability to break down the fat. A mixture of  vinegar, soy sauce, red onions and  garlic makes the version of a less fatty Adobo.  A  delicious traditional viand that does not spoil easily because of the vinegar that acts as a natural preservative.

IMG_0137I may be on a tight budget but I’m not that down and out. So, who says I can’t indulge myself with a nice wine?  This Cabernet Sauvignon is on sale at a price of $6.55 – Not bad! Known as “best for the heart” red wines has a high source of “flavonoids” which is packed with antioxidant qualities. An important self-reminder: drink moderately. I only drink this when I feel so full after a meal as it helps me digest the food faster


Cheers! Have An Awesome Weekend My Fellow Bloggers ♥ 🙂 ♥


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