American taste vs. Isaw

These American dudes and dudettes just made my day, to see them react on the texture, taste and the presentation of the Filipino street food totally entertained me. Thumbs up for the gutsy American ladies who ate it like a pro! particularly the Barbecued Chicken Intestines, the two guys on the video just can’t take it but the lady in the middle is pretty adventurous and she still grabbed a bite!



The Chicken Intestines when cooked isn’t really that bad at all, as long as it has been cleaned properly. It takes a bit more effort to squeeze out the contents inside under a running water, but the effort is all worth it! I enjoy it deep-fried or grilled, especially when paired with a spicy vinaigrette or a thick homemade barbecue sauce.  Looking at it is weird because you can’t imagine intestines threaded on a stick but IT IS CHICKEN intestines! WE mostly enjoy this on a drinking spree (reminds me of my previous post Filipino Beach Bonfire Party: What I Miss From The Good Old Days 1 .)

Dare to try it!






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