My Dating Rules That You Might Want To Consider

1. Focus on how to build the friendship and stop wasting time worrying about courtship. Why? Simply because even though courtship symbolizes romantic persuasion, apparently, it seldom fulfills transparency. Receiving precious gifts are certainly flattering but that’s just a freebie. The confidence and trust to be emotionally open is the toughest shell to break.


2. Thank you for admiring my rear bumper and my C-cup but both are not bigger than my brain. If you stare at them while talking to me, good luck if it will talk back to you.


3. Treat me like a partner, not a property. If you are looking for a submissive girlfriend, then what you need is a servant or a minion.

4. I have glued in my mind that men don’t read minds and SO AM I. One thing, when I ask you how you feel and your face shows an obvious look of dismay. Just say ” I’m not OK but I don’t want to talk about it.” We all know it’s unsensible to say you are fine when you are obviously NOT.


5. I am cheeky in an impish way. if you see that as an attitude problem, then you are not man enough.


6. It’s not all about being “nice,” it’s definitely about being true to yourself and let the other person see the bests of you.


7. Rejection should not be feared, if a door closes..Then break the windows using a hammer! Just kidding 🙂 . We all should learn how to be a good sport. Not everybody sees us the same way as the others, so stop killing yourself.


8. I enjoy a little pervie talk depends if we click, but I am not a salacious freak. Unless you are super irresistible.


9. I am not a demanding person, so I dislike demanding people. If you demand this or that, then refer to my number 3. rule.


10. You can woo me by your intelligence but if you are Mr. or Miss Know-it-all then that means you don’t know much at all.


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