A Writer’s Perfect Morning


How beautiful it is to be roused by the sunlight streaming through my window, kissing my cheeks good morning! Wiggling my stiff feet and arms stretched as I yawn, catching the hungry-licious smell of toasted bread topped with bacon and melted cheese from my dear kitchen. And I find myself pondering upon larger ensembles playing in my head, perhaps from a dream or memories of  my party nights.


That first glimpse of orton-ish glare of the flowers as I walk in the garden, dew drops sparkling on the Golden daffodils welcomes a glorious beginning. Still an enjoyable feeling that soothes my eyes in spite of  a reminder of some measure of truth about my astigmatism — making the scene look like a lomo-ish cinemascope. 


Bitter-sweet smell of creamy-licious coffee invigorating my soul, dispels the stress and  fills my heart with nothing more but gratitude and love.  The rest of my days may sometimes have some anxious hours of skirmishing ideas but I look forward waking up in the morning, refreshed and with inspiration soaring high.

♥ This is my perfect morning ♥

Pictures Courtesy Of  Mark O’reilly

mark o reilly


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