ruddy face lover, next to a bottle of wine
Mellow-eyed sweetie pie, I will make you all mine
Shall we drink another shot?
No need to be fast
We can play a game later and make the intimacy last
Do you need more ice?
You seem to look uneasy
Be careful when you sip
You might quiver with bliss
Please, don’t look at me with that smile glowing
In me it creates a yearning overflowing
We seem to be overwhelmed and to resist is pain
Our passion consumes us, making it hard to restrain
Put the glass down and kiss me now!
Make me feel that burning fire
Make my mind spin and you shall become my one true desire
I never thought wanting to touch could feel this much
Being under the influence of ” ALCOHOL LUSH “

8 thoughts on “” ALCOHOL LUSH “

      1. Adult side. Part of all of us.If you get a chance. Read Jack London “When Gods laugh”. Your poetry will get a boost from reading the true logic of the book. He motivated me to write 40 poem with reading his outstanding poetry.

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