Trending Goofiness : #MakeUpTransformation

Every now and then when I check my facebook, I’m always welcomed by these people posting photo boxes of their before-and-after makeovers to look like their choice of celebrities. I’m amazed on how far it shifts the boring photo editing to something totally entertaining. This metadata tag called “#MakeUpTransformation” has been hashing out so many ideas in all social media channels from instagram, twitter, even facebook! But there are versions of the #MakeUpTransformation that totally made my eyes roll! 3 of them are friends of mine! ♥. Great Job! Dudes and dudettes!

 He Likes It Scary And Sweet At The Same Time…It’s What We Call Cakey Halloween! 

Who The Hell Is This? I Don’t Know Him, But He Sure Did some Effort To Find Same Shirt Lol. 


You Now Know How You Will Look Like 35 Years From Now — Is Carl Fredricksen Of The Animated Movie “UP” Irish By The Way?


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