Never Fear Ageing: Getting Old Does Never Means Getting Weaker

old happy“Yes, sadly when we get older our body change, and so as our lessons and values in life. Even in the movies you will find that the courageous people are the oldies, in a life and death scene they sacrifice their lives and let the youngsters find safety instead. A practical choice of not being afraid to face the end of their lives. Obviously, we know that it’s because aging bodies don’t stand well on physically demanding situations but not wanting to become a burden never means they see themselves weak, even in the sense of physical aspect. It’s simple, every grandpa and grandma I met tells me this “It takes a dead heart to be obdurate, It takes an open mind to look back and acknowledge shame. It takes responsibility to be guilty and It takes acceptance to finally say “I’ve finally done it.” All these is what we have earned and maybe still earning as we grow older.”
Many people I met would go as far as getting under the knife just to look young. I have nothing against it because each of us is entitled to achieve
our desires and improve ourselves the way we define it. I mean, I do workout and take vitamins to stay healthy to prolong the ageing process. But, the fear of ageing just doesn’t make sense to me, I realised this when a few people with Peter pan syndrome. The contributing factors of ageing are what I call “NORMAL human life challenges,” we all go through them and we should all go pass them. Life is an amazing book. We create our history and not just our stories. Hence, it is not meant to stay closed until then.
old couple

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