A Writer’s Evoking Evening

Enjoy life Wallpapers HD 2560x1600

I have thrown myself  into the deepest of me, smelling the aroma of rum and watch the cigarette smoke vanish into thin air as I recall the past events of my life. How being heedless gave me clarity and eventually maneuvered so much of my decisions. I ventured, I veered and as my imagination sequences to the depths of my strange ideas, joy had found me. The only ignorance I succumb from my untarnished and unvaried sphere, there’s more and it’s infinite. There were moments I hushed and I gently fall as if there’s no end and no beginning. Just a slow motion of me pulled by gravity to a non-ending fall that loosens my senses away from the crossfire of the real world. And this takes me to the best emanation of my expression, practices of my art and gratitude for my blessing.


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