5 Craptacular Gift Ideas I’ve Seen Online

1. Hug-E-Gram – Seriously? Is this how much desperate people we have in this world that they’re willing to spend $29 plus shipping and handling for a fake hug with a craptacular voice recording? And advertised as “The warmest, most personal gift you can share?” I mean, Teddy Bears are a lot more sensible because it has a FACE, but this disembodied arms of Mickey Mouse is just silly. Whoever created this product should have thought this is more of a joke than a romantic gift.


2. Potty Putter –  “Offers extra practice time with every trip to the bathroom” —- Whoa! Play golf while pooping? How can you ever concentrate on pushing that dump out of your system if your mind is focusing on putting and pitching? Just imagining that you are swinging your mini golf club while sitting on a toilet bowl cracks me up. Uhm… I think you should offer a portable toilet too.


 3. Picnic Pants – Can you picture yourself walking  in a park wearing a weird-looking pants with a floaty, stretchy crotch panel? Then you sit on the grass with your legs crisscrossed and there you go, the crotch panel turned-to-a-built-in-table ready for your plate.Oh! before I forget it also has a pocket for drinks! I understand that the goal is innovation and portability, but this picnic pants is pointless,unnecessary and ugly.



4. Girlfriend/Boyfriend Pillow – Here’s the crazy gift idea followed by the Hug-E-Gram, same stupid concept in spite of its good intentions. The design itself is a fail, it looks more like a decapitated body with permanently swollen hands and without a thumb. The maker wants to help those lonely ladies and gentlemen feel like they have someone to snuggle at night by inventing this people-shaped pillow.  Seriously, this is totally dumb.




5. Denture Bracelets  –  Who the hell wants to wear her grandma or grandpa’s dentures? If you are freaky enough to buy yourself this dental accessory, you might as well find a pair of tooth earrings too!  On the other hand, this would be a great gift to someone you really hate (Evil laughter.) And add on a dental floss for cleaning it from time to time.



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