“Everything Should Taste Like Bacon” – Even During Sex

We all love Bacon as much as we love Sex..But are you willing to try the bacon-flavoured condom?


And of course, a bacon-flavoured condom is much better paired with a massage oil and personal lubricant that has a hint of — AGAIN,  — BACON..


But before you begin the hot-smacking, intimate smooching session with your lovie-dovie, start first by brushing your teeth using this baconized toothpaste

bacon toothpaste

And oh! Don’t forget the bacon-infused mouthwash, make your partner feel your breath like she/he is inhaling bacon sandwich. ( I’m not sure if it sounds enticing really.)


And yeah! To maximize the meatilicious erotic action, make sure your skin is ready to be savoured like a tasty bacon. So, SMELL LIKE BACON!


Sometimes the sex can get pretty rough to a point that you get yourself hurt from falling off the bed and having your poor knee hit the floor. Always have the initiative to bring the baconized bandages with you.

bacon bandages

The hot baconsex is over? Take a shower and wear your bacon lip balm 🙂 —- HAPPY BACON.

bacon lip balm


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