To All The Men I Loved Before

  Forgive me if I am not that sweet girl that you are looking for nor the gentle woman who wishes her hand to be kissed. Forgive me if I was cold and aggressive, loud and brutally honest. Forgive me if I’m guarded, doubtful and unpredictable. Forgive me if I chose not to cry on your shoulders nor submit to my shortcomings. That’s the most I can offer you, ME who seeks distraction to fill the void. I wasn’t born to give in to a man’s alluring presence neither to lure him in a purpose of deceit. She, who fell in her distraught, frailed and healed her own scars. Deep as her lessons she faced her own monsters and accepted her loss of love. She, who wishes to be trusted, valued as a friend and hopefully be as special.  I thank all of you for the fun memories, the intimate moments I felt that I am a girl and all the craziness we have done together. They are all valuable lessons that I would bring with me until I am ready to be in love again.

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