Facebook Apps: Click & Find Out More Crazy Stuff About You!

Here we go, I’m back to talk about another hilarious apps found in Facebook, this time it’s predicting “whose who’s,” and  fun quizzes that has positive and humorous results. Some of the apps are so tawdry, maybe it would’ve had so fun if I am a 12-year-old girl but for an adult it’s really silly. It’s more of a teenage-Asian-stuff kind of fun (it’s designed and defined that way in their perspective at least.) Other apps are cool because  it has a bit of “brain teaser” in it. In spite of being  just a simulated program, it still does deliver positive things to your social feed.


This app is lifting the senseless hopes of those who have a crush on someone whose more likely ignoring them.. I gave it a try myself and it just cracks me up. This is how the web page looks like



This is the sample result of one of the apps.

which friend knows your secret

I this app really cool, it has sets of questions and the answers are in multiple choices. What makes this better than funappsworld is that it’s more informative and has interesting contents. The quizzes are often just fancy stuff, but it’s all fun 🙂 in a sensible way.


bitecharge collage

After you answer the questions it will show the results of its theory about you based on the answers you selected. Lol 🙂

bitecharge iQ

Try yours! And see what it says about you 🙂


2 thoughts on “Facebook Apps: Click & Find Out More Crazy Stuff About You!

  1. I tried one of the Bitecharge ones on Facebook too, the one on which career is right for you. Its result. I make a good writer. “Spot on”, I thought. Really, I was quaking in my seat when I saw how accurate it was.
    Thanks for sharing this fun information, Charity. You’re giving some great ideas for the Facebookers out there 🙂



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