Sweet Punishment

I need no love! It’s promises are humbug

Show me not, for I see no worth

No steel had ever struck out a generous fire

Yes, I am a fallible sinner


I edge my way along the crowded paths of life

No warmth could warm me

No pelting rain less open to entreaty

No wind that blew was bitterer than me

But on the spur of the moment

In the midst of fog came pouring


Across the baleful ocean

To my dreary existence

He then appeared like a gleam of hope

Perceptive of my thoughts with only he to unfold

Not much obedience


But his radiant approach filled the air

Perhaps, I am ashamed of my incoherence

My defiant ashen heart cried with glee

He did it all! Infinitely more

My blessed heart dree’s no more


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