The Advantages Of Living With a Nagger


patience1. It will make you look at your own behaviour:  People who are naggers are those with a chip on their shoulders and so most of them are disciplined and well-organized. As a child I felt like I wasn’t doing good enough to keep my mom’s mouth shut, but as I grow older I am more emotionally independent than most of the people my age. It develops your self-awareness of your own limitations and strengths. Teaches you how to be sensitive and careful with your actions. Naggers are simply those who felt like they are not being heard, they need more of your understanding. Therefore, you can filter what’s not worth investing of your energy and what you should be guilty about.

2. You will certainly realise that PATIENCE is a virtue : Until now I am still not comfortable with people who can’t live a day without constant scolding and nit-picking to blow someone’s ears. But when it’s the people you care about the most it will force you to broaden your conscious sense of logic. I have people in my life who are naggers and living with them surely introduced me to the word “Forbearance.” Simply because being able to deal with difficult people is a personal achievement. There are far more difficult people than naggers, that’s what I’d rather prepare myself for (yikes!)


3. It will challenge you how to be more positive in life : I think many of us see naggers predominantly as people quantifying a deep sense of discontent. It becomes habitual because it’s their only form of expression, hence it devoids a sense of upbeat attitude about life. I know hearing someone nag is totally annoying but I listen because I need to see the common denominator of the underlying problem. It gave me a light-bulb moment and vowed to appreciate all corners of my life because there’s nothing else left but to stand up after a downfall. Listening to a nagger keeps reminding me not to be like them. If my requests remains unfulfilled even after numerous reminders, I’ll seek alternative ways instead to get my point across.



8 thoughts on “The Advantages Of Living With a Nagger

  1. I am impressed with those who are able to stand people like naggers, if they have the same realization as yours then i’d say you are right. I have no patience for mouths like machine guns..


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