“I Can Shit Gold Baby!” – By The Shit Artists

Hey! Travelingmind2anywhere hops again from her 2 recent
serious-content entries to an incredibly and unimaginable
talking point that she’s so thrilled to share!

(Please do excuse my usage of such word as part of my entry title.)

Money certainly don’t grow on trees but for only $425 you can literally shit gold and brag to your friends that you are a gold-blooded freak who shits gold! I don’t know how much gold it can excrement, but after reading
this blog post, for when you decide to shit gold, then just shit discreetly, ok?

These gold pills were a masterpiece of Tobias Wong and “Ju$t
Another Rich Kid” Ken Courtney, perhaps they just want
to broaden the true sense of being “Luxurious” by producing such bizarre gold pills. I think it’s pretty tough to invite people
to swallow this life-changing gold-making-turd pills. Errrr… Would you? Yikes!!



When I found out about this capsule, I was thinking that maybe
being a rich kid can be tedious sometimes. When you feel like
you have everything you need and even the things that you don’t
need can just become too boring. Or maybe the point of the
design suggests that we can make everything glittery and make
money out of it? The million dollar question is, would you buy this shit?


This Artist gold-making shit should be awarded with the magnificent “Golden Turd Award” for the yuckiest artistic experiment ever!

Golden shit Award



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