“Travel Is Just Like A Cake” – My Undocumented Sweet Memories

 I know it’s pretty odd comparing my undocumented travels to this gorgeous cakes and probably you’re like “uhm…cakes? travel? What’s the darn connection???”

travel cake

As I scroll to the pages of travel pictures online posted by my friends and random people, my heart just sinks in regret. I envy those travel bugs who can manage to hop in from one place to another regardless of the errands they run and their busy schedules. I don’t really travel much anymore due to my other priorities. So admittedly I have no excuse at all why I couldn’t do it anymore like they can, although it boils down to acknowledging WHY I have management issues – in this category.”I’m taking baby steps for crying out loud!” I use to travel often during my teenage years, but during those memorable adventures, I don’t own any cameras at all, not even those old-school analog cameras. Apparently, they are only viewable in my memory which isn’t bad at all but other half of me regrets that I didn’t put much effort capturing those moments.

cake luggage1Looking at these cakes had me thinking that they are just too gorgeous to eat, imagine the effort of the bakers on putting those intricate details altogether and for it to just end up demolished, melted in our mouths is an injustice!!! They deserved to be in an exhibit and keep them in there instead. In spite of this slicing reality, you see the happy faces of the bakers while watching little kids and kids-at-heart mashing their visually enticing edible masterpieces. This only reminds me that “expiry” does not mean it’s gone, events may not be meant to last but memories of appreciation are. Looking back on my undocumented adventures and how beautiful those features play like a slide show in my mind is as sweet as these amazing cakes.

www.theartofcake.net 1

 How about you? Care to share a slice of your delectable travel memories?


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