Provoking The Innocent


Those lustful eyes of consuming desire

Fettered urge of surging fire

Your sight exploring my feminine contours

Allowing me to play your mind’s eye until it hurts

Is the good boy in fear of freeing his beast?

As your subdued bed-snake grow larger before the feast

Riding that monster and let it feel my deepest core

That’s the kind of danger I’ve been craving for

Hang in there lover boy, take it easy

Let your lust merge with mine, keep those hands busy

I am never gentle, so don’t try to fight it

I’ll introduce you to my kind of excitement

I hope I am not killing you

For I can espy every pinch of yearn that smites you

I’ll break your dry spell when the point is right

I’ll end your agony, so let’s turn off the lights.


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