Stuff Must Haves: Amazing Furniture Designs

I was daydreaming. I gave my materialistic side some free time out of its cage and found my fingers tapping my mouse, turning from pages to pages online. If I am a cartoon character you will see stars in my eyes as I fantasize possessing these awesome interiors with modern and weird furniture. These amazing furniture designs is so me!!!!

First off! funkyfurnitureandstuff’s  2-in-1 leather sectional sofa not only has modern and neat design, it also has a coffee table and another multifunctional table with hidden storage. You can choose from different colors or choose from their custom color designs.

pictures are courtesy of 

2-in-1 Design Leather Sectional with Coffee Table

2-in-1 Design Leather Sectional with Coffee Table 1





Lets go a bit animalistic here, (I don’t mean merely childish hysteria,) I mean let’s show our love for animals with these unique wildlife inspired seats. The amazing masterpieces of  Maximo Riera ¨WOW¨ design dropped my jaw. His uncompromising elaborateness can be seen on the details of his work. You can check more about his designs at 

A Hippo Sofa!

max-riera hippo

Whale Chair


A Rhino Chair

max-riera rhino

A Toad Sofa

max-riera toad 1

An Elephant Chair

max-riera elephant

The Walrus Chair


We now go for something intricate and bold. Alessandro Mendini’s collection of truly sophisticated designs that combines both modern and classic elegant styles definitely provides a twist of both eras. I love this collection of NEW BAROQUE PROUST ARM CHAIRS and for sure many of you will do too! See more at 

This white marble colored proust chair reminds me of Alice in wonderland and I don’t know why.

alessandro mendini 00jpg

This dimensional confetti inspired proust chair would surely look great to accent a room with white walls.


My favorite! Sweet and happy orange :).


I love this weird multicolored pattern, a chair like this adds a fun personality in a living room.

alessandro mendini 01

When I see this green chair it makes me think of coastal homes. Like those cliffside houses :).


This navy blue chair suits well in a country-side home like a farm house, classical and conservative

9633  introduces the funky designs of patchwork for your living room, It will never be boring. I wasn’t a fan of patchwork on furniture, but that just changed after I saw squintlimited’s collection.




I love this colorful chaise. I can sleep here comfortably



This totally looks neat to me 🙂


My kind of living room, never goes boring

funky interior

Courtesy of and  these automobile inspired furniture certainly has bragging rights! It all looks sporty, sexy and very artistic.

This is the AC Cobra spirit 427 custom furnishing. a very masculine collection by LA  Design Studio.

AC Cobra Spirit Collection

AC Cobra Spirit Collection1

Sporty with a feminine touch, a glamorous beetle Armchair in 2 colors is stunningly bold. This attention magnet design by Andrea Colombo and Linda Assandri suits the female car lovers.



You don’t need to go outdoors to enjoy a racy moment with your lover when it can be spent indoors in your sports car inspired bed!

ViberPC 9142014 123522 PM.bmp

I want this table!!!!

ViberPC 9142014 123841 PM.bmp

Gaetano Pesce is an Italian architect and designer who has a diverse artistry with amazing retrospectives that made him famous.  His sense of style and expression of modernism showcases the epitome of organic design. 

Find out more about this awesome artist  and

Table Viso
Broadway chairs
Nobody’s perfect Chairs
Up chair
Up reissue Chair
Nobody’s King Chair
Pratt Chair
nobody’s queen chair
Nobody’s Perfect chair- 2002

16 thoughts on “Stuff Must Haves: Amazing Furniture Designs

  1. Happy newness and colors 🙂 So far everything is wonderful and beautiful but then we also have personal favorites. I just loved the royal elegance of blue and chirpiness of orange chair suits. There is no denying, I am in love with all the designs. Keep inspiring, you guys are awesome!

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  2. Talk about fun! I have seen a lot of patchwork furniture around my area lately and always pondered on how I could make it fit into my home. The animal furniture is awesome and I bet will take off within the next few years. Thanks for the post!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow seriously! I enjoyed feasting my eyes over these designs. Makes me wanna sit and lay in all of them! Haha. I feel like a child that just saw a whole lot of amazing animals in the zoo. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow these are some whacky looking sofas! The elephant chair is amazing! I love fun innovative pieces and would love something quirky in my living hait one piece though, a talking point! Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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