Elemental Affair

elemental 9-18-2014 2-05-14 AM.com]

In our world we combine where it’s dark and cold

Like molten rocks of lechery untold

We feed each other through our desires

You and I – collide like ice and fire..


I ushered in, your enlarging power

Spurring affinity in every surge and every devour

It’s consuming hardness, thrusting the deepest core

Heightens our inmost intensity, makes us both want more!


Madness of nature casted its curse

It’s sweet taboo as vile as ever tersed

The velocity of emitted frenzy

Took us both to the crowning point of ecstasy


Hear the roar of the aggressive wind

Calling our names for which we have sinned

Like the forbidden kiss of the tidal bore and thunder

Our paths will cross again and will never be sundered







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