Home Fashion 1: Contemporary Minimalist Bedrooms

Hey! Travelingmind2anywhere is now glancing on luscious bedroom ideas which many of you might want to check out. These are eye-catching bedroom designs I found online literally dropped my jaw. The gradation of contemporary and minimalism is the smooth, clean, simple shapes with trim layouts which are easy to the eyes. Thankfully, most modernized interior styles at present define the classic and modern living by providing rooms with a bold visual statement, but still have that practical approach that we most like.

I am a minimalist and I like pared-down design elements with very less ornaments. Viewing from a minimalist perspective here are my choices.

1. Rooms with just two color combinations provides a simpler and more relaxing appearance.

2. I personally prefer awning windows installed alongside large picture windows because it allows the maximum amount of light and views of the outdoors compared to other window types. This design not only provides that clean look, but it also offers good ventilation.

3. Long bed legs with foot boards are not my favs, but wide short beds are totally IN! I don’t hate a tall bed like those old school bedsteads, but those sometimes makes me feel like it will eat me whole when I lay down. Though I exclude the storage beds because those are also practical for providing good space-saving options.

4.I love Flokati, textured and hand-tufted patterned rugs because it accents well to a wide flaring and vibrant painted walls. Saxony and plush carpets are just my second option because scrubbing the floor is more convenient for me than maintaining a clean carpet LOL.

5. Pendant lights and concealed fluorescent lights are the best atmospheric lighting to enhance the mood of the most private part of the house. And for me, it is a must. Remember, the principle of  minimalism is “LESSER THE BETTER.” Can´t argue with that.

Some of the images are not actual photos, but 3D representations. I can’t find the original designers who made these impressive designs but the name of the website that offers interior decoration services are marked with the pictures. I hope you enjoy these awesome dream bedrooms as much as I do. At least, for your next home project, you have the samples to get ideas from. Stay inspired!


18 thoughts on “Home Fashion 1: Contemporary Minimalist Bedrooms

  1. Very beautiful bedrooms! I wish I had the space (or the windows to be honest) to get my bedroom like that airy. And I also wish I had a mini me following me and putting everything where it belongs, as I’ve never had my bedroom as minimalist as those pictures, I always have stuff on my nightstands, haha. 🙂


  2. As soon as I saw the title of the post, I thought to myself, “This is my thing!”

    When it comes to architectural design, I know I like classic as well as minimalist. It’s just that classical designs are harder to maintain. Especially now that I live alone, and I do not have much need of things, space is something I truly appreciate.

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  3. Who doesn’t want to have at least one of these rooms! My ideal bedroom is something spacious with large windows or sliding doors that will take you to a small balcony where you can embrace a wonderful view outside. I want a room with natural lighting and ventilation too hehe
    However, I don’t think it is possible to transform my current room that way! I don’t get enough space and the view outside wasn’t really what I am envisioning hehe
    Hopefully if I ever got to own a house, I want to achieve that kind of set up!

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  4. These are definitely dream bedrooms! I love the windows and natural light and tend to lean towards a minimalist view of decorating. Now I have a reference to look at for when I finally redecorate my bedroom! Thanks!


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