Vintage Elegance: The Classical Filipino Interior

Every country has its notable character in terms of architectural principle or structuralism,  and each genre becomes the epitome of it’s kind. I appreciate the vintage Filipino design in exact same ideology. I went to this hotel named Legend Villas that really has its old world charm and the cozy ambiance felt like taking me back to the good old years of traditional Filipino home. So I am going to share to you the Legend Villas, just situated in the heart of Mandaluyomg city.

Before we go inside, this is the outside 🙂



IMG_20141001_231523The chandeliers and the rest of the wall mounted lighting fixtures are old designs

IMG_20141001_231613The lola Maria’s dining section with it’s wood tables and chairs.


IMG_20141001_223248From the handrails, the staircase, the pillars to the fancy ornamented roof frames are primarily reflections of indigenous Austronesian and Spanish influences. You can see some Chinese inspired elements too but the entirety of wood simply boosts the vintage Filipino construction.

IMG_20141001_223847The roof lintels were matched like the traditional oyster window panes.

IMG_20141001_223955This kiddie round table with 2 chairs just chuckled me because it was placed at the oddest section of the lobby.

IMG_20141001_232035This wall mounted fixture has lights that blends well with the surrounding fancy-framed mirrors

IMG_20141001_223433The lavatory and doors too are vintage design!

IMG_20141001_223740I miss playing that solid wooden block with two rows of seven circular holes called sungka game (SOONG-kah.) I used to collect colourful pebbles for it when I was a kid.


I’m excited to see more about these stuff 🙂


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