Wellness Within Reach: Sandhi Ayurveda Clinic Now In The Philippines!

Ayur (Life) should be about balance,,,. Embracing Veda (knowledge) as the bearer that nurtures every human being the nature’s gift not only for our mind and body, but for our entire being…

This is exactly what AYURVEDA is all about. The greatest medical practitioners of Ancient India with predated written records of 5,000 years and were handed down by word of mouth remains one of the country’s renowned traditional health care systems. I am very pleased to have been given the opportunity of learning its principles of aspiring healthy living. This is through its concept of universal mutuality among us and our health, its natural treatments against ailments is now being introduced here in the Philippines.

At first I thought it’s all just about the same old usual recital I often hear of how good the products and services a certain company or clinic offers, But one statement from the founder of Ayurveda in the Philippines Rev. Dr. Jacob Gnalian captured my attention. As I listen to his answers when we asked questions about the The Sandhi Ayurveda Clinic‘s treatment procedure, he explained the principle of AYURVEDA. 

Every form of treatment is individually designed, organized and operated based on the current health condition and necessitating needs of a person.” 

Like for diabetes, instead of insulin shots penetrating the body, they have designed treatments to increase insulin internally. Even the medical oils produced are prepared accordingly depending on the case of the ailment. The special treatment procedure of Ayurveda aims for overall rejuvenation and cleansing. They also provide proper dieting guidelines on top of the treatment to keep you in your healthy lifestyle..

One of the products introduced that I certainly enjoyed is the Ayurveda Tea, made from 9 natural ingredients (flowers, leaves and bark) straight from the India’s deep south of lush and tropical lands of Kerala. Based on my personal experience drinking it for a week, comparing it to a regular black tea, the Ayurveda tea did not give me that gastric discomfort. The tea is for blood purification and is recommended at least once a day. Along with the tea we also ate this thin crispy disc-shape called PAPADUM. They also have organic eye drops which helps soothes the eyes from the environmental air pollution.

Rev.Dr. Jacob Gnalian even demonstrated some of the healthy and Guilt-free home made recipes.

All the great things I mentioned here is just the tip of the iceberg, so I am all encouraging you to attend the upcoming events of Ayurveda. Learn more about the in depth benefits of holistic healing and our healthy living starts today!

Contact details are below or get to this link: http://www.ayurvedamanila.com/blog/



See you there!

For Consultations,  You may go visit the Clinic. (I chose to just take a picture of the details.)



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