“I Am My Father’s Replica” — Reasons To Forgive

Forgiving your parents are easier said than done…It is Ok to take your time, but just don’t hold it too long…Because regrets never gives a warning..


 thank you dad
He Is Not Getting Any Younger, Time Is Valuable.

– My father was diagnosed with diabetes 1 and we all know the effects of diabetes. Knowing that he can be taken away from me anytime scared me off big time. I realized that I love my father so much because I am his replica, I carry with me the courageous renown of his surname, I am his female son. If I was living a well-indulged life without all those hardships, I will never enjoy the life I have now, the emotional challenges and the adventures that I survived.
love you dad
His Personal Inadequacies Molded Me To Become Emotionally Independent. 

– My father did not get much emotional help, his struggles apparently led him to the wrong direction. I almost threw my life away, I lived through the passages of pain so deep I felt so close to annihilation. Even though at the peak of…

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