Online dating FAIL : What Women Say That SCARES Men Off.

Don’t press that ENTER button yet..Consider reading this 🙂



In order to stand out and get as many romantic prospects as possible, we should put a striking personal profile. But then we girls sometimes forget that men are uneasy to understand with their metaphorical way of expressing their opinions. It’s better to really ask them and hope for a clearer answer. I asked my guy friends, and even random men I meet in and outside the internet world of what makes them skip the profile and move to the next one. Their answers certainly surprised me, what we girls believe attracts men is what makes them click ” NEXT.” .

1. “No perverts allowed. I only entertain decent men.”

As per Rhett, 30, a novelist and a bladesmith from Manitoba, Canada. ” Spooks me? Hmm, put that way, I’d be wary of girls who portray themselves as Ms. Goody Two Shoes, and lay down criteria for men to message them, but their pictures tells something different.”

— It  simply hits the category…

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