Huge Flavor For Your Huge Appetite: The TOMAHAWK Way

Talk about HUGE SERVING FOR HUGE APPETITE and SHAMELESS MONEY-SAVING GOOD FOOD! Rarely can I find this around Manila 😦 . But my feet took me to this Southern American inspired restaurant located in Kapitolyo Pasig. The Simple looking Exterior standing resiliently proud does actually have a “say” when it comes to the food they serve. When I said Huge, I mean Really BIG serving..


First thing I like about this restaurant is the contemporary hint to its interior, from the light fixtures, the wood flooring to the picture frames hanged in variations. Though From the outside, it looks too simple,  it needs a little more improvement to capture that Southern American concept. A good custom made restaurant signage that will accent the unique culture and selling points of the restaurant is what it needs. I also suggest those old school oak barrels for the interior to be added at the corners of the dining area to emphasize that country-style presence. Nevertheless as a 3-month old restaurant the place is neat enough.

I think for us meat lovers there are certain traits we all are looking for in a restaurant’s menu. My take for the serving, the quality of the meals they make and serve I rate Tomahawk chops & grill a spankin’ 4.5! I make it a point that it shouldn’t be quantity vs. quality and it is as much as I care that the price should not make my wallet cry.  So far the overall experience isn’t disappointing at all 🙂 , and that’s what I am impressed about this restaurant.  Here are my top munchiest, wackolicious favorites from TOMAHAWK CHOPS & GRILL and I am more than happy to tell you  why I put them in this order:).

#1. Grilled Hanger Steak – P320IMG_20141008_204715The magnificent Grilled HANGER STEAK! OMG! This is the perfect medium rare steak I have ever tried. That charred finish to the outside with the slightly sweet juice flowing from it’s soft and succulent meat is like a perfect marriage to the thin sauce. I love how my finger sinks in to the meat and it springs right back, that’s how a medium rare steak should be.

#2. Grilled Baby Back Ribs – P435


When it comes to grilled baby-back ribs I’m fussy with the barbeque sauce. I have tried many grilled baby back ribs with barbeque sauces that may not be as bad, but not as good to make me want more. Simply because some doesn’t really taste like real ingredients or it overpowers the meat instead of enhancing it. Tomahawk’s baby back ribs surely tastes like summer! The sapid savor of the barbeque sauce has a depth, not just one-dimensional flavor. The Tomahawk’s way indeed! By the way those mushrooms are so delicious it’s almost worth coming just for that.

#3. Fried Tomahawk Chops  & Grilled Tomahawk Chops – P295  Per serving

tomahawk chopsYou could never go wrong with this ribeye monster chops! For the price of P295 per serving ya’ll surely get what you paid for. It’s as tasty as it looks, its nice thick sauce punches your taste buds in a lovely way. I have to complement the mac’ and cheese on the side as well because they used mild cheese that results that  synthetic color. And one more thing, the DIRTY RICE is the only dirty food that would increase your appetite. You can eat it alone without a viand – that’s how tasty it is, which is why it is one of the signatures of this restaurant.

#4. Buffalo Wings – P180

IMG_20141008_201527These chicken wings and drumsticks are well seasoned, tender and moist that the moment you bite it, it slips right through your mouth without that annoying oily chewing experience. It may not be as spicy like how I like it, but considering that majority of the foodies aren’t really into flaming hot food. – I still love these chicken wings 🙂

#5. Country Fried Chicken – P215IMG_20141008_214118Oh my! Oh my! An all time favorite and the toughest to rate  because of  so many restaurants everywhere serving southern-style fried chicken for god knows how long. I judge a perfect fried chicken not just by it’s golden-crispy skin or the ingredients used for the coating of seasoned flour. For me the biggest challenge in making the best fried chicken is the flavor absorption in the meat and the technique used to retain it’s  moisture inside.  That aromatic, crispy, juicylicious chicken should be well balanced down to its core. And this fried chieckn met my expectations.

#6. Sausages and Sauerkraut – P215

IMG_20141008_204025 (2)That is an amazing smoked sausage! I love that piquant spicy taste of marjoram leafs infused with garlic and that springy texture! Just the way I love my sausage to be! When that was served in our table for everybody, I was a bit selfish and cut a huge chunk of it because the garlicky perfumed aroma caught my attention so quick!

#7. Grilled Rosemary Chicken – P215IMG_20141008_204109Seasoned just right,  I do like the mild saltiness of the grilled chicken and it compliments well the dirty rice.  But there’s just lack of moisture inside the chicken meat. Overall, this chicken monster is tasty! It gives you that good old-fashioned country feeling while eating it.

Wait….There’s more! And some of their specialties I haven’t tried yet but WILL DEFINITELY grab a bite of it soon 🙂

Have Fun!


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