What It Means To Be Happy As A Blogger: Blogapalooza Way..

1. Feel Absolutely Adorable! Ah!

IMG_20141011_1924152. Be on your silliest mode..Even if you look like an idiot..(it’s OK, they don’t care!) Hug A MAXCOT!

IMG_20141011_1719203. Own the moment of touching the skies! Even in a fake hot air balloon 🙂


IMG_20141011_1946544. Nevermind the mouth-opening moment with a hot dude aka. Mr. Flawless, as long as you are standing next to him! It’s an opportunity!


IMG_20141011_1846065. Blogapalooza is all about being yourself, your own way, OWN your way and so, take a pokie selfie! It’s not prohibited.

IMG_20141011_1743076. Feel free to look like a wacko, you are in there anyway. Along with your 700 family members in the blogging world 🙂


IMG_20141011_1742457. Strike a pose~! And name what made you as happy like a kid! Wear it around your neck! Be proud!


IMG_20141013_0337218. And bring home bags of goodies! Don’t forget to show some love to our awesome planet..



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