Restaurant Review: Sumo Sam’s Foodsome Eatables!

Another happy foodie meet up with my zomato fellas at the Shangrila Plaza mall along Edsa corner Shaw Boulevard, we took a sneak peek of a japanese inspired restaurant named “SUMO SAM.”

sumo sam crew

Here’s my ranking of their menu…

sizzling brownie


The undisputed molten sweet bad boy of SUMO SAM! OMG I ate a huge chunk of this naughty blend of hot & cold sweetness that it made me feel sick afterwards. I am craving for more! Looking at the vanilla ice cream as it melts and drips down to the sizzling hot brownie is so captivating! But sadly, I have to remind myself of the word “moderation.” What a sizzlin’ porn food.

salmon sashimi


I am not a fan of color PINK, except the people with PINK  cheeks and this PINK Salmon Sashimi of Sumo Sam. Excuse me for using M&M’s tagline “it melts in your mouth, not in your hand,” truly it suits how fresh this salmon was the moment it landed in my mouth. I also compliment the presentation, simple, but the way the slices of the Salmon Sashimi drapes on top of each other is so pretty..

spicy caravan1 10-16-2014 6-57-49 PM#3. SPICY CARAVAN

I have tried a few varieties of sushi from the restaurants inside the famous hotels around the country, but none of it wooed me. It sure does look fancy but it tastes dull without a dipping sauce and some has that uninviting fishy smell. From then on, I considered myself NOT a fan of sushi. But this spicy caravan did convince me that I can appreciate sushi. Sumo sam’s spicy caravan does have that delightful blend of oriental spices and freshness of the raw salmon which pairs well with the toppings. If I am not mistaken it has crab meat because it tasted like it has crab meat. I also like the other 2 types of dipping sauces besides the wasabi that they served along with this sushi. Great job to the sushi chef!

Beef Tepan


I love this marinated beef strips because it’s guilt free, it wasn’t oily at all. It was tender but doesn’t break easily when you grip it with the chopsticks. Judging by its texture, you can tell it was cooked well and it is a good quality lean meat. That dark color indicates that the spices were totally absorbed by the meat, surprisingly in spite of it’s dark color, it actually has a light flavor. I mean, most beef recipes have that strong flavor that you can smell it, but this beef tepan I can’t remember if it smells at all.

chicken teriyaki 10-16-2014 7-02-04 PM


It is as enticing as it looks, I like it that they sided it with cucumber and tomatoes as it compliments the smoked-sweet flavor of the chicken meat. I can’t say more but TERI-LICIOUS!

ebi tempura#6  EBI TEMPURA

It is not tasteless, it just tastes LIGHT and I enjoyed it, I was very pleased to eat the last piece of it on the plate lol. I am also impressed that the prawn stayed soft and its coating remained crispy even after more than 15 minutes being exposed to air.

spider roll1 10-16-2014 6-57-14 PM


It has a nice presentation and it taste just fine, but it did not give me that “WOW “feeling. On a positive note, the rice stayed firm even after I bite just half of it was which great 🙂 .

tunkatsu ramen


Now, here’s the deal breaker. The soup of this tonkatsu ramen tastes great, but what disappointed me is the soggy lifeless flavor of the noodles. It seemed like it was soaked in hot water longer than it should before it was submerged in the soup. In that process the noodles should have at least absorbed the nice flavor of the soup but apparently it did not taste happy. The price of the menu isn’t as practical as I hoped, it does not seem to match the size of the serving.

The look of the place is pretty basic but at least has enough space to move comfortably. Besides the tables inside, there are also tables outside, which can accommodate a number of groups. I also like the lighting design 🙂 it makes the place look cozy.


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