The Lasema Experience: Oh My BUTT On The Hot WATER!!

At first I felt so lazy to even step inside the establishment, but then I remembered I need this to pamper myself. I am glad I defied my laziness and pushed myself to go in lol. I’ll show you what’s inside the Lasema Spa & Sauna.

Ok, lets start in the LADIES ONLY Wet Sauna . Each of those pools has “strictly naked” warning signs and digital temperature gauges. So, I walked around naked along with other women in the naked wet sauna room where my eyes got undressed of the naked truth that we are all naked! I dipped into the regular hot water pool that was at 47 degrees celsius, holy smokes! My ASS! I kind of like the place, though I’m disappointed that they only provide small towels. No robes or larger towels at least. Also you have to bring your own hair conditioner (they don’t provide any.) The massage area and the steam sauna are both inside the same room. The locker room is just standard just like other spas, nothing special.

This is where all sexes can gather together. I like the idea of the cave beds but in spite of the warning signs to be quiet, I still find it difficult to sleep there because it is where the mini snack bar is at, where tables for eating are at (just facing the cave beds,) and where the entertainment area is at. And where you can also find a way to a korean restaurant! All in the same freaking room! Sleeping should be in a quiet room, apparently they built the sleeping caves in the wrong section of the establishment.

Facing the sleeping caves are the 4 types of dry saunas, the “oak and clay sauna,” “salt and charcoal sauna,” “Ice room,” and “dome clay sauna.” Yes, you should be wearing clothes inside these sauna rooms.

My verdict, I am not very impressed but I am satisfied of what lasema offers based on the price I paid. Being able to use all the facilities with the 12 hours allowable stay even though massage is not included on the price. It was an online deal so I got it cheap, just Php 275. I’ll be a regular customer as long as they can keep all the facilities clean :). 

For contact details of Lasema Jjim Jil Bang Spa

7232 Malugay St., Brgy. Bel Air, 1209 Makati City (inside Makati Golf Club)

 Phone: 830-2222 / 830-2147 / 830-2148 / 0927-6450531


2 thoughts on “The Lasema Experience: Oh My BUTT On The Hot WATER!!

    1. You bet! I could handle the 42 degrees Celsius temperature but not the 47..that’s just too hot for me. I like it there, I just love soaking myself in a warm pool and relax my muscles… aaahhhhh sweet life. ♥

      Thank you for the comment, I appreciate it alot 🙂 happy reading ♥


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