Dream Without Fear And Love Without Limits: What It Means As A”Hopeless Romantic”


Standing resiliently proud in a bar or in a cocktail party as potential lovers turn their heads 30 degrees towards you! And then suddenly…You wake up realizing you are just dreaming. OUCH!  The words HOPELESS and ROMANTIC are not suppose to be next to each other, it’s like a terrible blend of red bull + milk :(. I suppose that’s the whole sense of the term used as a label to those unlucky-in-love for being sentimental dreamers is it?

Among all the constructive types of love, the mushy feeling  vs. the pragmatic thinking stands out. Many are guilty of this, “!!!!  uh..uh! I am not a hopeless romantic, that’s just over-rated.”

If you are embarrassed to admit that you become slushy over an idea of surprise romantic dinner or being held in front of the crowd just to be told “I love you.” Or maybe you are so uncomfortable having your friends find out that behind your tough exterior is actually a complete sucker for what some people might call “cornball movies?” I really don’t think it is an embarrassment being a hopeless romantic, and considering being one does not mean you are a pathetic person who has the jinx of the possessed doll “Annabelle.” Ok, Ok – it is silly to relate that the darn doll to this topic. But seriously, being a hopeless romantic only sucks if you allow yourself to look entirely a loser in a sense of denying that you like mushy stuff.

I was an in denial hopeless romantic if I should define “hopeless romantic” in the most hurtful way most of us take it, my view of being a hopeless romantic is that many wants you but no one is daring enough to take you. This is simply because you may be surrounded by many potential romantic partners, but they feel that you know you only want the “ONE” who has all the special qualities they aren’t confident they “ALL” have. I’m not saying this for the sake of “CONSOLING” a person tagged the false impression of a “hopeless romantic,” I am saying this to point out its difference to a desperate or a needy person. Good riddance of the misconception.

For those in denial hopeless romantics, you are smart enough to know that behind your stance of self-assuredness is someone who wishes to find your perfect imperfect match.  Perhaps a course, that helps you discover new sides of your romantic qualities, is to confide without being too conscious of  how it will make you or other people uncomfortable. This may be both challenging and enlightening, but it will mold your emotional romantic nature to a better shape before it lifts itself to the surface.  Please don’t think of this as an encouragement to totally separate yourself from the reality, there’s nothing wrong about dreaming of a partner who may seem out of your league and loving that person in your own limits (no matter how high or low that is.) As long as you know how to respect your feelings, you are entitled to be mushy.


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