My Hunger Attack At David’s Tea House: Food Review


Basically, I ran out of titles to use for this food review lol. But hey! This is my page, so what? I enjoyed their food otherwise, I won’t be writing this! I went to David’s Tea House at the Venue Mall, in Makati Ave, Poblacion, Makati because I wanted to use the vouchers given to me by Zomato. ♥

David's tea house front 10-19-2014 1-17-40 PM

……And it was worth it! The food is great :).

Ranking time!


1. Saute Squid with Broccoli Flower


TEXTURE! TEXTURE! TEXTURE! One particular word that suits this wholesome food, “FRESH.” Broccoli is one of the dense veggies with slight bitterness when raw but can be awfully soggy when overcooked, this one was done really well. Isn’t it tastier to feel its tender-crisp crunching into tiny bits in your mouth? The squid was tender and chewable and impressively retained its squidly flavor which is why this is my TOP ONE so far with the 3 meals I tasted.

2. David’s Special Noodles

David's Special Noodles1 10-19-2014 12-43-51 PM

Yum! The major ingredients I compliment are: The texture of the noodles is great! You can tell how it glides into the bowl as it joins the tender beef and I like how tasty that thin fat layer on the beef because it wasn’t oily. I didn’t feel the oil sticking on my lips and you won’t see the oil on the surface of the soup. Thumbs up!

3. Almond with Lychee and Black Gulaman


Nothing describes it better than being a “happy drink,” there’s a difference between the “sugary” sweet and the “natural” sweet flavour of the lychee combined with almond jelly. It has same level of sweetness as the black gulaman, the black gulaman is very obvious and that’s how it should be! This Asian fruity is simple yet refreshing, or should I say SIMPLY REFRESHING? 🙂

4. Assorted Dimsum Platter

Assorted Dimsum Platter 10-19-2014 12-48-34 PM

Nicely laid on a bamboo steamer, actually there’s only one item that made me love this dimsum platter, it was that jelly like chives dumpling. I love the shiny exterior and its wobbly texture was very enjoyable. It got me excited and I almost want to just look at it than eat it..It looks so cute! It was slightly transparent that you can see the green stuff inside that actually has a nice light flavor of chives. haha!

5. Asado Congee


The congee taste nice but I can’t say it’s the best among all the congee I have tried, it is a mild and bland rice porridge but it is meant to be like that since it is sided with well cooked and flavored meat slices. By the way, the size and quantity of the meat slices were enough for the portion of the thick rice porridge :).




The dining area is very comfortable because it is clean, spacious and I love the high fixed glass windows, you can see the outside while you are enjoying your food. They also have pretty nice ceiling lamps that accents well with the wholesome colour of the walls. And look at the stylish ceiling! The best part is – it isn’t hard to find the place because it is right on the street of Makati avenue.


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