Food Review: Currylicious Ryu Ramen And Curry!

Wow, It’s been more than a week I haven’t posted a food review, but I have one now. I found myself stepping inside this japanese restaurant at SM Jazz Mall in Bel-air Makati city. My first glimpse on their menu I thought the price was scary (ranging from Php 360 to Php 430) because I assumed that the portion may not be suited for its price. BUT I WAS WRONG. THE NOODLES WERE IN HUGE BOWLS!! And I mean HUGE BOWLS! Impressively, the noodles stays firm even after being in a bowl of HOT CURRY SOUP for more than 30 minutes..

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Ok, here’s what I am writing this for..The food ranking.



These 2 are the best sellers and I have no doubt it is indeed the best in their menu, the slices of tender pork sucked all the flavors of curry and other spices beautifully! Yes, I used the word “beautiful,” just imagine how the pork slice bends naturally when you grip it with your chopsticks and the curry sauce slipping off. Isn’t that a beautiful sight? Then you take a small bite to feel its rich flavor. I am very particular with the texture of the meat and how it absorbs the flavor, I certainly love both of these tantanmen equally because it did meet my expectations. We don’t stop here, the best part is how they make it spicier if you want it to be ear-tickling hot! They don’t just give you squeezers of hot condiments or pepper shakers, they will prepare it for you with all the raw ingredients to cook it accordingly to your preferred level of HEAT.


Ohhh my, ohh my! It’s definitely a compatibility of all the ingredients joined together. Each ingredient isn’t dominated by the strong flavor of the curry soup, instead it compliments each of the individual flavors which I find grand. The fusion of shiitake mushrooms, vegetables and curry are just well-suited together then topped with hefty chicken pieces. One thing I have to highlight is how amazing the chicken retains its own flavor in spite of being merged with other ingredients, especially with curry.


The uncompromising savory curry sauce is gentle to the tongue and the serving size is BIG – good for 2 to 3 persons! What makes this meal kiddie-friendly besides the mild curry is also its cheese filling! Haha! This is certainly a fav of so many diners at Ryu Ramen & Curry restaurant, especially those who aren’t very used of the Japanese flavors.

4# EBI TANTANMEN (Php 430)

The seaweed + the shrimps + vegetables + curry = a tasty combination of elemental flavors! The best of both elements which describes well the Japanese culinary principles and good-natured culture . Every ingredient I tasted and recognized in this bowl of delicious Japanese delicacy are fresh. The seaweed and the leafy vegetables stayed firm in spite of being in a hot soup.


Marinated in Japanese miso, the penetrating flavor of fermented soybeans definitely made this spare ribs special, it’s my first time trying a Japanese miso based soup, even though it isn’t my favorite I do like its distinct unique flavor. It’s a great food adventure and If I didn’t know that’s how a Japanese miso taste like I would think the spare ribs were soaked in liquor lol.  Undressing the spare rib’s meat off is effortless, I just used my chopsticks and it easily slid off the bone…

I compliment this Japanese restaurant for 5 things besides the menu : #1 for the brewed iced tea and complimentary rice tea they serve, #2 everything they prepare are natural and the curries they use are all from Japan. #3 you can see how they prepare the food because their kitchen has a wide glass window #4 great customer service, very attentive staff #5 I love the interior of the restaurant, from the walls, ceiling, tables & chairs – all are with warm colors. The DRAGON painting on one of the walls is also eye-catchy.

 Curious? Go There and Taste the ART OF TANTANMEN AND CURRY!

SM Jazz Mall, Nicanor Garcia Corner Jupiter Street, Bel-Air, Makati City

Phone# +632 874 1022


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