BULLCHEF: The Bulalo Chef’s Sinful Specialties

First impression getting inside the Bullchef restaurant is the feeling of getting thrown back from a different era of my life… My “college years.” The place is pretty straightforward but not exactly uninvolved, because one of the walls has the restaurant’s name in a “ghetto wall art,” plus the humorous Filipino street style music. So you’d know what to expect stepping in to this place. The opposite wall has a gallery of scattered unframed pictures with smudgy handwritten comments from its highly satisfied customers. Here’s the catch, the skimpy restaurant is consistently having celebrity diners that obviously enjoys the local specialties, redefined by a young entrepreneur and chef Jeremy Mateo. This humble restaurant literally lives up with the phrase “don’t judge the book by its cover.” There are so many famous local celebrities eating at this restaurant!

  Ok cutting the chase now..Food ranking time.


Bullchef Special Bulalo 10-30-2014 9-11-04 PM

This is an all time classic favorite of almost all Filipinos, “The BULALO” or Beef Marrow Stew. There are numerous varieties of this, but Bullchef’s version is impressive enough, it is far from the insipid taste of other bulalos I have tried so far. Technically speaking, the soup and the meat are the only major factors needed to be particularly rated on this type of viands – I don’t need to be a chef to rate it.

Supposedly, the collagen and the meat should easily slip off the bone as soon as you strip it with your spoon. Seemingly, the shank was not simmered long enough because the meat wasn’t as tender as I hoped. I don’t take it negatively because I know how it is to be in the kitchen and preparing everything fresh. Besides, they have impressive customer service, while I was waiting for the food they offered and served me with unlimited iced tea. When the food finally came in, I got surprised of the ridiculous size of the shank! It is as BIG as my ulna and radius bone – packed with my favorites collagen and the spoonful beef shank marrow. The thickness of the soup obviously proves that it is a concentrated broth of melted collagen and fat from the simmered beef shank, resulting its full-bodied beef flavor.  In spite of the slight problem with the texture, the meal made me ALIVE from my tiresome day at work and satisfied enough to be back there!

bullchef iced tea 10-30-2014 7-09-55 PM

#2 That’s MY T-BONE – Php 189


Its signature smokin’ beefy savory flavor of this T-bone is sinful enough to make you want to eat more rice Lol. And again this has a generous portion too, the sauce itself is delicious enough to be paired with the rice♥. Texture wise, it was good. Cutting the meat wasn’t like a hand-workout and the vegetables alongside wasn’t overcooked – which is why it is my top 2.

#3 ASIMBULL  Php 299

Bullchef AsimBull 10-30-2014 9-00-17 PM

Delicious sourness to the BONE! That marrow inside the bone is sooooo succulent and that beefy aroma that makes me even more hungrier is just crazy enough that I can’t even think about dieting. You wouldn’t remember what “portion control” is when you try this.

#4 F na F (Fish And Fries with Mayo Dip) – 

bullchef F na F 3 10-30-2014 8-32-58 PM

Disclaimer: This is just the sampler size – They had me try this and I compliment how well this was made 🙂 , the fish fillet is not too salty nor bland – just well balanced and the fries is well done! This feels more guilt-free hahaha..

#5 BULLusok (Sizzling Bulalo Steak) – Php 175

The beefy thick sauce and that mouthwatering bone marrow, Ha! I want to have 2 bottles of beer with this monster bulalo steak!

There are the other dishes I tried that were good enough, there are more in their menu I haven’t tried yet but will surely do soon! They have a budget friendly price which is well suited with the portion of the meals. It’s pretty cool how fun they named each dish, I admire the sense of humor this restaurant presents.


Where To Find Them?

4 East Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig

(0916) 338-3898


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