Last Oct. 26 2014, Polecats Manila performed awesome dance numbers of aerial and pole arts at the WHITESPACE event venue in Makati. I so envy how these men and women are able to lift their bodies, do the spins and inversions gracefully. The place may not be as spacious but the venue were packed with media people, bloggers and photographers are scattered like sprouts to cover the event.


Men! that’s the kind of spotlight I want to be part of. Anyway, given the opportunity to be one of those lucky bloggers who were given 2 class card passes to attend 2 regular training sessions for both aerial and pole dance. It takes dedication and discipline to be really good in using your strength properly and be a great pole dancer.


I am thrilled and worried at the same time for the training because I’m sure I’d be a laughing-stock when I get there lol. In spite of it being one heck of a physically demanding and straining training, for a newbie like me (I wish my limbs and scaphoid bone luck,) I’d always be excited to learn or at least experience the power of the POLE!


wpid-img_20141103_192333.jpgIt was pretty difficult to find the event’s location but it as all worth the hassle! I totally had a great time watching the polecats performance. I wasn’t expecting the invitation but a friend of mine whom I thank the most saved a slot for me. Follow her adventures! http://www.mariaronabeltran.com/. These photos I have here are all hers because I apparently arrived late but the YouTube video is mine.


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