How Do You Measure Success?



Wearing a challenge is like wearing an oversized shoe, can you walk with it? I can’t count how millions of times I have contemplated and what less than more of my introspective mind has been sporadically capturing is nevertheless the role of “good attitude.”

I am aware how I just described it is not straight to the point, that’s exactly the challenge.. How to get to the point in a quicker and uncomplicated way in order for me to measure my success. So far, I am internalizing what patience is and what might be the next positive tendency suited to it. Is that a success? Probably a little. Some people measure success by completing fragmentary tasks in larger numbers, some are by wearing a BIG challenge and come what may “I’ll get all or nothing at all.”

Perhaps measuring success isn’t ALL reliable to good attitude, rather just the simple handling of an individual’s goal. Maybe you are collecting small tasks and finishing them all slowly but legally or you look for what’s biddable, hit your opponent and win it like a one time big time jackpot. I personally prefer to conduct my battles carefully the fact that this topic is pretty subjective and what works for others doesn’t work for all. Reality is, our actions of soaring high or hitting the ground is our responsibility and strategy.  Measuring success can always be redefined in any subject we put our principles and mindsets into, we are entitled to that opportunity. For me, how I measure success is fully understanding my temperament and dare to try to change its form one at a time if I need to. Why am I talking about temperaments? I have met successful people with the nasty attitude, so it isn’t really about the GOOD ATTITUDE as we understood it.

How about you? How do you measure success?


15 thoughts on “How Do You Measure Success?

  1. I measure my success by living the life I envision for myself. A lot of people say dreams are not worth chasing or giving effort to and instead focus on operating in the real world. But most people in the “real world” are miserable and constantly try to escape such reality through dreaming.


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