Jeepneys: Masters Of The Philippine Roads

This vehicle is definitely the epitome of “JOYRIDE” in the Philippines. I love these jeepneys, they are the masters of the Philippine roads! This is our form of public transportation that could never get boring 🙂

awesome jeepney2

 Jeepneys are the symbols of the kitsch but enthusiastic culture of Filipinos and we know well what “innovation” means. Jeepneys originated from the left over parts of the US MILITARY JEEPS during the World War II, yes it’s part of our culture to improvise components that many people from other countries discard.   Leonardo Sarao is the man behind these famous jeepneys and the SARAO motors is the most popular manufacturer of jeepneys in the Philippines.

awesome jeepney 5 There were famous hollywood celebrities seen riding a jeepney, namely David Archuleta, vin diesel and these 2 NBA players.


jeepney nba

  Jeepneys are mostly with sound systems, rarely you can find jeepney without those large speakers. Nowadays, jeepneys with TVs, airconditions and Wifi are in enlarging numbers.

interior jeepney

jeepneys are also in different sizes, some can accommodate a total of 12 passengers besides the driver, in provinces the jeepneys can accommodate up to 27 passengers.

awesome jeepney1

Baguio jeepney

 let’s ride!


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