A Blogger’s Morning Fuss



Blogging has been the best cure for my STRESS, and when I started Travelingmind2anywhere.com last may 24th I wasn’t sure if my webpage has the sense to ever make it and keep up against thousands of websites lined up on search engines.  I’m caught in between writing what people loves to read about regardless if it ain’t my type or should I write about what I love to read and won’t care if it doesn’t please whoever gets to my page. Luckily I love reading about almost anything that captures my attention, from the saddest to the funniest, from the lame to the most “whatever.” This morning as I hobble my way to the loo my mind was lagging and I just asked myself “if ya ain’t after the dough, will you be at least noticed?” – Honestly that’s the shittiest feeling to discover in the morning after I wake up and sit on my beloved toilet bowl. I am a confident person but we all go through those moments when our corpus callosum just screams for REORGANIZE PLEASE! Which I find impossible, perhaps I just need to really clear my mind from all the overlapping ideas and my concerns. Then I checked my stats and this is what it tells me.. “5 months and 15 days with only 240 followers” I reached 10,000 views in total. I really don’t know if that’s a large number enough for a 5 month old blog site but I am content enough that the products of my “abstract thinking” had given my blog space over 10,000 views which is better than a single digit.


14 thoughts on “A Blogger’s Morning Fuss

  1. Congratulations!! Well done. I have been blogging for almost a year. I continue adding to my library of posts and I am no where near the number of views/visits that you have reached. However, I get excited every time I check my stats!!!! 🙂 🙂


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