My BioEssence Good Customer Service Experience

It was 7:00 pm when I got there and I was worried they may be closed for the day, thankfully not. When I first stepped inside the BIOESSENCE branch in LPL Tower Condo, just right at 112 Legaspi St. Makati, it’s easy to tell that they have been operating for a long time. The manager there Cecil Crisostomo humbly welcomes every client that comes in.


Exploring the inside of this beauty clinic will remind you of the flashy days of the 90’s, neon shades of the Compact discs hanged in various lengths in some parts of the beauty clinic actually made me think of Madonna lol. What I like the most here is when they welcomed me with a big smile and a cup of coffee, it shows they have good customer service which I am so particular of. The branch alone have been operating for 13 years and is already scheduled for a makeover to update their interior. I am very impressed that they survived that long in spite of being surrounded by numerous competitors around Greenbelt and Glorietta malls.

IMG_20141026_192840BIOESSENCE have 38 branches all over the Philippines,  their success is obvious for a fact that they have been operating for roughly 18 years. They have bragging rights I should say, for the wide range of services they offer and their very good customer service. From facial, slimming, spa to dermatological services, they also offer their own brand of beauty products that you can see displayed.


Since I still have other appointments that night I opted to have the dry massage instead among the choices of services they recommended. I was guided by a nice massage therapist where to go and asked me again if I need water etc. I like the sliding doors by the way, though I find the rooms not as spacious compared to other massage clinics I have visited. I personally don’t have complains because I was treated well, the massage was really good and the place is clean. The bed was comfortable and they have very thoughtful staff incase of a few changes. It simply meets my expectations for the massage service.  I have not tried yet their other services and I will park that until next time.


This branch is very accessible, it is situated right across  Greenbelt 5 , Glorietta and many establishments, literally just a few walks away from Ayala Avenue. If you need a nice massage service, you should consider visiting the BIOESSENCE Legaspi branch. For more details here’s their website. 

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